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Table Lights

Study table lamps are perfect for task lighting, providing greater visibility and relieving stress on your eyes as you read, write, or engage in other activities. You could place study table lamps on your desk, your bookshelves, or your side table next to a reading chair.

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Study lamp

Study table lights are available in an array of different styles, colours, and materials. A study lamp should add some elegant decoration to the room during the daytime and offer a cosy warm glow in the night. LED bulbs are encouraged as they require less energy and last for a longer time than traditional bulbs.

Study desk lamps

Generally, right-handed people should place their study light on the left side of the desk and vice versa to reduce shadows while you work. Our cableless rechargeable or battery-powered study table lamps can be easily moved around your desk as you work, enabling you to get the optimum amount of light, and of course many of these desk lights are adjustable, so you can alter the direction of the light without picking up the whole lamp.

We recommend that you do not have study table lamps as the main source of light in a room. Instead, they should be used in addition to wall lights or pendant lights, because otherwise you won’t have enough light and the contrast between light and dark will be too strong.

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