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The classic spherical shape of a Globe pendant light is always on trend and fits effortlessly into many different interior designs. Clear glass pendant lights have an unwavering beauty as they hang, suspended in mid-air, bringing atmosphere and interest to the space. A coloured glass globe pendant light can add personality to a room, why not combine different glass styles into a cluster globe chandelier for maximum impact. Order your globe pendant lighting today and start creating the interior styling you’ve always wanted.

To Suit Rooms

Are globe pendant lights in style?

You should always consider using a globe pendant light in your interior design plan, as you can be confident that the glass globe pendant light has transcended trend, becoming a timeless feature for many projects. There are a variety of different sizes and styles of globe pendant lighting, from small, traditional ribbed globes to larger, modern, statement pieces, in our collection you are sure to find a perfect match for your space. Enjoy the understated silhouette of our glass globe pendant lights and shop the collection now.

Hand Blown Glass Pendant Lights UK

Choosing hand blown glass shades for our globe pendant light collection has always been a priority at The Wall Lighting Company. From carefully selecting the design, to manufacture and quality control, we have it covered. Working alongside some of the best glass blowers in the business, we can ensure every detail has been considered and the outcome is spectacular. Notice the symmetry and clarity of these hand-blown glass shades, this makes our glass pendant lights stand out from the crowd.

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