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Wall Lights

View our carefully selected choice of adjustable wall lights, sought out from trusted manufacturers using only the highest quality materials to provide you with a range of beautiful and elegant adjustable arm wall lights. Perfect for reading and relaxing, these adjustable lights allow you to direct the light exactly where you like it, with the plus side of adding a stunning warm glow to your home’s walls. All of our adjustable wall lamps priced over £60 come with free UK delivery.

To Suit Rooms
£0 £2600

Hadlow Vintage Adjustable Shell Wall Light


    Small Adjustable Bell Wall Light


      Double Adjustable Arm Wall Light - Bell Shaped


        Triple Adjustable Arm Wall Light - Bell Shaped


          Fully Adjustable Bell Shaped Wall Light


            Chehoma Adjustable Antique Silver LED Spotlight Wall Light


                Chehoma Adjustable Small Dome Antique Silver Spotlight Wall Light


                    Chehoma Adjustable Antique Silver Bathroom Spotlight Wall Light


                      Solid Brass Adjustable 35.5cm Picture Light Wall Light


                        Traditional Brass 50.5cm Adjustable Picture Light


                          Traditional Adjustable Handmade Wall Light - Spotlight


                            Swing Arm Switched Wall Light with Empire Fabric Shade


                                Divine Cookie Adjustable Vintage Wall Light


                                  Bespoke Adjustable Vintage Wall Light


                                    Bespoke Adjustable Brass Cone Shade Wall Light


                                      Adjustable Large Chrome Spotlight Wall Light


                                          Thea Vintage Industrial Glass Wall Light


                                            Adjustable Vintage Picture Wall Light


                                              Pulley Unique Industrial Clear Glass Shade Wall Light

                                              £155.00 - £190.00

                                                Hartley Adjustable Arm Glass Cone Wall Light


                                                    Hartley Triple Adjustable Arm Glass Cone Wall Light


                                                      Vintage Adjustable Disc Spotlight Wall Light


                                                        Simple Adjustable Industrial Wall Light


                                                          Stork Adjustable Antique Silver Wall Light


                                                              Adjustable Industrial Spotlight Wall Light


                                                                  Lago Double Adjustable Spotlight Wall Light


                                                                    Brass Switched Adjustable Spot Wall Light


                                                                      Anglepoise 1227 Brass Wall Light


                                                                        Original 1227 Anglepoise Mini Wall Light


                                                                          Classic Grey Adjustable Straight Arm Wall Light


                                                                            Classic Black Adjustable Straight Arm Wall Light


                                                                                Adjustable Angled Traditional Wall Light


                                                                                  Vintage Adjustable Wall Light with Pulley and Cage


                                                                                    Adjustable Stirrup 1 Single Spotlight Wall Light


                                                                                        Rubens Adjustable LED Picture Wall Light


                                                                                          Adjustable Monet 40cm Slim Picture Wall Light

                                                                                          £270.00 - £290.00

                                                                                            Phoebe Flexible Antique Brass Grey Shaded Wall Light


                                                                                                Adjustable Monet 30cm Slim Picture Wall Light

                                                                                                £260.00 - £270.00

                                                                                                  Adjustable Monet 20cm Slim Picture Wall Light


                                                                                                    Industrial Small Maria Silver Wall Light with Grey Shade


                                                                                                        Industrial Medium Maria Adjustable Wall Light


                                                                                                            Adjustable Arm Wall Lights

                                                                                                            From simplistic and modern to traditional style adjustable wall lights, you won’t be short for choice. Adding useful lighting to your home is ideal when it comes to reading or relaxing. Avoid the harsh glare from your main light and add an adjustable arm lamp above the bed, above your reading chair or anywhere in a home to help you create that stylish and elegant look you’ve always wanted.

                                                                                                            Adjustable Arm Lamps

                                                                                                            These functional yet modish lights can be used in conjunction with other lights or on their own. With their easily adjustable movement, our range of adjustable wall spotlights and lamps makes seeing and reading easier around your home. Many of our wall lights are easily added in during the construction or renovation of a home or building, however, are just as easily added in afterwards. With materials such as ceramic, metal and glass, you have a vast selection of sleek and stylish lighting options to choose from.

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