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Glass Wall Lights

Glass wall lighting holds a timeless, elegant style that can elevate all types of design themes. Choosing glass wall lights means you are getting the most effective lighting from the bulb you choose, from dimmed mood lighting to cool bright lighting, ensuring that you create the perfect atmosphere in every space. If you are looking for a glass wall light you can choose from a vast variety of shapes of glass wall light shades, from round glass globes or square glass boxes to long and thin cylindrical glass shades. To create a sense of unity in your room, you may also want to browse our matching glass pendant lights


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Are glass wall lights a good idea?

Glass shade wall lights are perfect for creating an effortlessly elegant and expensive look in every room, regardless of the style you're drawn to. The beauty of glass shade wall lights is that no matter the size or style of your location, at The Wall Lighting Company, we can provide you with the perfect glass wall light for your space. Choose our striking, yet simple, range of handblown glass shades from our exclusive Cranbrook Collection, each glass wall light is unique and made using traditional methods ensuring that no one else in the world has glass wall lights like yours. All our quality range of glass wall sconces are available in a variety of shapes, finishes and types of glass, from clear, to ribbed to coloured glass shades. Glass wall lights are not just a good idea, they are the best idea!

Glass Wall Lights UK

For the best range of glass lighting available in the UK, shop from us at The Wall Lighting Company. Safe in the knowledge that we have handpicked the ultimate selection of glass wall lights. Therefore, we are certain that you will find a product among our selection that perfectly complements your decor. Clear glass lights are a subtle way of lighting any room, particularly if you have bold patterns and colours as they do not detract from your statement pieces. Alternatively, in a more neutral toned design theme, our coloured glass wall sconce lights would be wonderful for setting the mood or bringing together a cohesive design in your restaurant or hotel, regardless of traditional or modern locations. Our smoked glass wall lights would be equally effective in creating the perfect atmosphere, especially as all of our lights are dimmable and can create a glow akin to candlelight.

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