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Bathroom Pendant Lights

Our vintage bathroom pendant lights are fashionable, safe for bathroom spaces, and dimmable. These versatile pendants would add interest and fit in to all styles of bathroom - even modern ones - though of course they would look most at home in an older build with vintage appliances and furnishings. We offer free UK delivery on orders over £100.

To Suit Rooms

Vintage Bathroom Ceiling Lights

Although vintage in appearance, these bathroom lights have modern fittings to ensure safety. They have a minimum rating of IP44 which ensures no water can get into the electrics and become a safety hazard. Nickel is a traditional finish and can be considered vintage as well. Having nickel bathroom ceiling lights is a popular choice as it can match the colour and sheen of most household's bathroom taps and shower heads. Glass is another popular material for vintage bathroom pendant lights, especially ribbed glass or prismatic glass in a bell or cone shape with brass or bronze fittings.

You should be careful when cleaning your vintage bathroom pendant lights; you don’t want to ruin its unique beauty by using the wrong kind of cleaning agent. A vintage hanging light may have a certain patina to it and you need to be careful not to clean too much of that away – that patina is what makes the whole thing so wonderful and interesting in the first place. Without it, its beauty may diminish. 

Vintage Hanging Bathroom Lights

Hanging a large vintage pendant in the middle of a large bathroom can create a statement and make the space feel less vast, whereas hanging a small pendant in a small bathroom or ensuite can make it feel bigger as it doesn't take up too much room. Our vintage bathroom pendant lights are also adjustable, so you can control the length of the cable and keep the pendant out of the way if you have low ceilings.  

Vintage lighting tends to be associated with warm, yellow light whereas cool, white light is usually more modern and industrial. Therefore, we recommend installing light bulbs that emit yellow light in your vintage hanging bathroom lights to stay true to the vintage theme. Flattering and useful, we also have a selection of vintage bathroom wall lights that you could match with these pendants to create a cohesive theme.

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