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Ribbed Glass Pendant Lights

Ribbed glass pendant lights are a creative and artistic alternative to clear glass pendant lighting. Ideal in areas where glare from a bulb may be an issue as the light i... read more.

Ribbed glass pendant lights are a creative and artistic alternative to clear glass pendant lighting. Ideal in areas where glare from a bulb may be an issue as the light is softened by the intricate ribbed glass lamp shades. An expectational choice for many areas where pendant lighting is in the eyeline, such as hanging kitchen lights, where you can have a ribbed 3 pendant light feature or hanging ribbed ceiling lights in pairs depending on the size of your kitchen island. Carefully handpicked from trusted manufacturers all over the world by our lighting experts, our quality lights are available at great prices and are eligible for free UK delivery on orders over £100.

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How do I know what size ribbed pendant light I need?

No matter what type of pendant light fitting and shades you're looking for, choosing the right size is crucial to achieving a balanced look.  Choosing the right size depends on how much you want your pendant lights to brighten your space. As ribbed glass ceiling lights diffuse and create a softer look, a larger ribbed glass pendant light will ensure your space has enough illumination. An alternative could be one of our ribbed glass cluster pendant lights in a group of 3 or a pair of hanging ceiling lights.

The length of the flex of most of our ribbed pendant lighting can be shortened by your electrician or lengthened at purchase upon request, to ensure your pendant shade is at the desired height.

Our lighting professionals recommend using cut outs to hang in your room to ensure the dimensions are in proportion to the rest of the furniture and surroundings. If you need further assistance, give our trained lighting specialists a call at 01580 712805.

Ribbed Glass Ceiling Light

Our easy to install striking ribbed glass pendant lights are an elegant and timeless feature in any room, though we think they look best as kitchen island lighting or in hallways, dining rooms and stairwells. Our Camber light is especially popular and is not limited to the ribbed glass style; it is also available in clearcolouredsmoked, or prismatic glass. A ribbed glass ceiling light with wide ribbing and brass or bronze fittings may be better suited for a traditional style home, whereas thin or prismatic ribbing with nickel fittings would match modern and contemporary spaces very well. Highly recommend for hotels and restaurants, ribbed glass pendant lights produce ambient lighting that is perfect for creating a warm, welcoming mood

You may also like to look at our ribbed glass wall lights to match with your ribbed glass pendant lights and create a sense of harmony and cohesion, regardless of whether it’s a residential, commercial, or industrial setting.

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