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Ribbed Glass
Pendant Lights

Ribbed glass pendant lights are perfect for efficiently illuminating a space as the bulb is not obstructed by any opaque material. Instead, they gently lessen the glare that a bare bulb might create, while still allowing light to be evenly distributed around a room and ensure there are no dark corners. Carefully handpicked from trusted manufacturers all over the world by our lighting experts, our lights are available at great prices and are eligible for free UK delivery on orders over £60.

To Suit Rooms
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Lenham Large Ribbed Glass Cluster Chandelier


    Lenham Extra Large Ribbed Glass Globe Pendant


      Lenham Medium Ribbed Glass Globe Pendant


        Lenham Large Ribbed Glass Globe Pendant


          Camber Oval Large Handblown Ribbed Glass Pendant Light


            Camber Oval Small Handblown Ribbed Glass Pendant Light


              Camber Oval Medium Handblown Ribbed Glass Pendant Light


                Bodium Bell Shaped Ribbed Glass Pendant Light


                  Rye Medium Cone Ribbed Glass Pendant Light


                    Rye Small Cone Ribbed Glass Pendant Light


                      Large Ribbed Glass Globe Classic Pendant Ceiling Light


                        Small Ribbed Glass Globe Classic Pendant Ceiling Light


                          Short Reeded Glass Pendant Light


                            Round Reeded Glass Pendant Light


                              Reeded Glass Pendant Light


                                Henrietta Tiered Glass Pendant Light


                                  Ribbed Glass Ceiling Light

                                  Our easy to install ribbed glass pendant lights can be an elegant and timeless centerpiece in any room, though we think they look best in hallways, dining rooms, or above staircases. Our Camber light is especially popular and is not limited to the ribbed glass style; it is also available in clear, coloured, smoked, or prismatic glass. Regardless of the type you choose, they look wonderful in a cluster. A ribbed glass ceiling light with wide ribbing and brass or bronze fittings may be better suited for a traditional style home whereas thin or prismatic ribbing with nickel fittings would match modern and contemporary spaces very well.

                                  Ribbed Glass Pendant

                                  A ribbed glass pendant may add more character and interest to a room than a clear glass light due to its textured appearance and intricate vibe. Highly recommend for hotels and restaurants, ribbed glass pendant lights produce ambient lighting that is perfect for creating a warm, welcoming mood. Buy using them with dimmable bulbs, you can eliminate the harsh glare of bare, full power bulb, and also save money by installing a bulb with low voltage. Smoked or coloured glass would also look very good in hotel or restaurnant settings. You may also like to look at our ribbed glass wall lights to match with your ribbed glass pendant lights and create a sense of harmony and cohesion, regardless of whether its a residential, commercial, or industrial setting

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