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Brass Wall Lights

Long since associated with an era gone by, brass had a rough couple of decades before this resurgence. However, this isn't quite just a case of history repeating itself; ... read more.

Long since associated with an era gone by, brass had a rough couple of decades before this resurgence. However, this isn't quite just a case of history repeating itself; today's popular brass, for example, isn't as garish as those shiny brass candlestick holders that your grandparents used to own. Instead, today's brass is rather luxurious looking.

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Brass Sconces

Wall lights that are brass have been part of that resurgence of this popular metal. This is particularly true in bathrooms, where brass is starting to be seen again in fixtures and fittings. But concerns people have about brass bathroom wall lights include whether they are water resistant; and if the material will continue to look good in such a wet environment. To answer that, we need to first understand what brass actually is. Brass is a mixture of two metals – copper and zinc. This mix is called an alloy. Brass originally grew in popularity due to its visual similarities to gold. The brass that is part of current design trends features a sort of pale yellow hue – making it look like a demure version of gold. Brass, like all other metals, can either come in a lacquered or unlacquered finish. These finishes help to give brass fixtures different appearances. It is quite common to see the likes of brushed, satin, polished and antique brass (the last of which gives the brass a faux, aged look). So now that we understand this modern brass a bit more, it's time to answer that question: will solid brass or chrome wall lights show signs of water damage? It is actually common to find many manufacturers recommending that any brass fixtures in close contact to water should be gently wiped down. However, this is the case with all metals – so brass fixtures in wall lights are no more prone to water damage than any other metal. In fact, brass is not a particularly hard metal to care for.

Brass Wall Sconces

Now we know brass wall lights are suited to being in the bathroom. However, another concern about brass arises in householders looking to buy brass exterior wall lights. Can brass fixtures really stand up to the hardships offered by the UK's weather and climate? The answer, again, is yes – brass can stand up to these environments and, for that matter, all environments. So whether you live in the town, countryside or even in a coastal area, where sediments are always being transported into the air, brass can stand up to a great deal of punishment. This alloy is an extremely hard metal, which means that brass products and fixtures can last for years.

The reason why people believe that brass can be so affected by the weather and exposure to the outdoors is because it does tend to change colour over time after being exposed to the elements. This is referred to as 'patina'. However, instead of this compromising the fine appearance of new fittings, the brass actually takes on a rather distinguished antique look. This look can also be bought as an antique finish. In summation, solid brass outdoor wall lights will not corrode simply because they are located outside your house. No matter what type of brass wall lighting fixtures that you require, and whether they would be located in your bathroom, living room or garden, the team at The Wall Lighting Company Ltd have a terrific selection of brass options. We also sell polished brass wall lights.

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