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Clear Glass Pendant Lights

Clear glass pendant lights have a simple and timeless elegance that also feels very modern and stylish. Unique and lovingly hand crafted, our glass pendants are of an exceptional quality that ensures practicality as well as beauty. All of our glass pendant lighting options are available with free UK delivery on orders over £100. 

To Suit Rooms

Clear Glass Light Shade

For a minimalistic look, a fishbowl or dome shaped clear glass light shade in a bedroom or study can make a statement without encroaching on the other features of the room. A clear glass chandelier can be a stunning focal point above stairs or in a hallway entrance, whereas cone shaped glass pendants above a kitchen island or bar can add a clean and fresh feeling. Clear glass pendant lights generally make a room look bigger than opaque lights would because their transparency allows you to see through them to the rest of the room. You can also adjust their cable length so you can ensure they are out of the way if you have a low ceiling or directed exactly where you want them to be if you have a high ceiling. If you like the designs of our clear glass pendant lights but would prefer your lighting to add a pop of colour to your room, you may want to look at our similar selection of coloured glass pendant lights.

Clear Glass Ceiling Lights

Clear glass ceiling lights can be used in many different ways and rooms. They look spectacular in clusters or in a trio above a dining table or kitchen island. It would also look gorgeous if you hung multiple glass pendant lights in a row, leading the way down a hallway or up stairs. They look very modern as bedside pendants as well, used in place of a table lamp which would take up space on your night stand.

Team up our clear glass pendant lights with our clear glass wall lights to maximise their luxurious effect and ensure there are no dark corners in your home or business.

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