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Table Lamps

Glass table lamps are incredibly popular due to their undeniable beauty and versatility. A glass lamp would blend seamlessly into both traditional and contemporary settings, so whether you want a lamp that’s partly or wholly glass, we’re sure to have one that suits your home.

To Suit Rooms

Glass lamp shades

We have a selection of different glass lamp shades to choose from, including clear, ribbed, coloured, and smoked glass. Clear glass has an elegant and minimalistic look which may be considered more traditional, while smoked glass has a sleek, dramatic look that would work especially well in contemporary interiors.

Using coloured glass for light shades was extremely popular in the 50’s and 60’s, and that trend is making a strong comeback this year. A coloured glass lampshade can singlehandedly change the ambience of a room, with each individual colour giving its own unique vibe. Blue glass has a very calming and coastal appeal, whereas red feels bold and alluring. Orange, yellow, and pink shades create a warm ambience, with the latter colour offering an especially delicate and gentle atmosphere.

Glass lamp base

A lamp with a glass base can be paired with all sorts of shades. Fabric shades are the most popular and traditional choice due to the way they gently diffuse the light of the bulb and can be matched to curtains and other textiles in your home, but you could also dare to go for a metal or glass shade for a more unusual but nonetheless beautiful look. A glass base table lamp would look striking on an end table in your living room or on your console table in your hallway, providing a warm and welcoming glow to create a relaxed and effortlessly charming atmosphere. A glass bedside lamp offers ideal reading lighting as you wind down to sleep, and can come in many shapes; a glass base can be spherical, cylindrical, rectangular, and more, meaning you can find the perfect one to suit your space.

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