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Garden Pendant Lights

Garden pendant lights help you to make the most of your outdoor spaces, even after sunset. Here at The Wall Lighting Company we have a wide range of garden pendant lights in an array of different styles available to buy that are capable of really enhancing and showing off your best garden features. Orders over £100 are eligible for free UK delivery. 


To Suit Rooms

Driveway Pendant Lights

Driveway pendant lights increase the security of your home by illuminating dark areas that intruders might have used to sneak up to your house. They're great for general visibility as well, so you can see your car and house door clearly when you come home or go out after dark. For even more visibility you may want to consider layering light; we have a range of garden and driveway wall lights which you can match with your garden pendant lights and connect to motion sensors to increase the safety of your home throughout the night.

Hanging Garden Lights

Here at The Wall Lighting Company we have hanging garden lights in a wide array of styles, so whether you want modern, traditional, or antique style lights, we're sure to have the look you want for your garden. We also have different materials and finishes available. Glass and metal are best for outdoor areas due to their durability, and because they are not susceptible to sunbleaching like fabric or wood lights may be. Antique brass finishes may be better suited for antique style lights, brass is a more traditional finish, and bronze may look best on modern and contemporary pendant lights. Galvanised garden pendant lights are particularly good for outdoor areas because they have a protective layer of zinc that prevents rusting. This makes them perfect for country and coastal areas where they may be more exposed to the elements. 

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