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Living Room
Table Lamps

The living room is often the most lived-in space of a home (hence the name), and we believe living room table lamps are vital to enhancing an already-comforting area into the most peaceful, cosy place possible to wind down in after a long day.

To Suit Rooms

Living Room Table Lamps

Whether you want a single coffee table lamp or a lamp on each side of your settee, the subtle, low-level lighting of these living room table lamps are sure to have a gorgeous effect on your home. To emphasize a modern look, we suggest using glass table lamps for living room spaces. Our coloured glass range enables you to pick a shade that matches the room’s colour scheme as well.

Console tables are incredibly popular, and a table lamp would be perfect for showcasing the items on top of it. You may want to choose a simple style for console table lamps so the focus is directed to the pictures or décor which you wish to illuminate, but you could choose a more extravagant living room table lamp so the light itself becomes a talking point as well.

Large Table Lamps For Living Room

Overhead pendant lights can often be too intense for those late evening hours before bedtime, so we recommend living room table lamps which offer a softer luminance – perfect for establishing a calming, relaxed ambience as you wind down. In a living room large table lamps are the perfect substitute for wall lights if you like to move furniture and décor around occasionally or if you simply don’t wish to drill into your walls. If you want to save space on your tables for books, drinks, and TV remotes, we also have medium and small table lamps for living room areas.

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