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Garden & Driveway
Outdoor Wall Lights

Garden wall lights allow you to spend more time in your garden and can help increase the security of your home, as brightly illuminating an area can deter potential intruders as they are more likely to be spotted approaching. Carefully handpicked from trusted manufacturers all over the world, all of our high quality products are eligible for free UK delivery if you spend £100 or more.

To Suit Rooms

Driveway Wall Lights

Driveway wall lights can illuminate your car and the front door to your house, so you have more visibility and can spend less time trying to find the front door lock or car door handles when you leave or come home in the dark. Having lighting outside your home has also been shown to increase your security, as intruders are usually deterred by brightly lit spaces that would make it more likely for them to be seen approaching. For extra safety, you could conect a motion sensor to your driveway and garden wall lights so they turn on automatically at any time of night when they detect movement. To increase visibility of your outdoor spaces by layering light, you may want to pair your garden wall lights with garden pendant lights

Outside Garden Wall Lights

Here at The Wall Lighting Company we carefully hand pick garden wall lights from trusted manufacturers both locally and from across the world to ensure we have the finest quality products. Many of our outside garden wall lights are weather resistant and dirt resistant, having at least an IP44 rating to ensure safety. Metal and glass are usually the best materials for garden wall lights because they are not susceptible to sunbleaching, and they tend to be durable and long lasting. Glass (especially clear glass) garden wall lights are very efficient in illuminating an area as there is no opaque material obscuring the bulb. This means you can buy a lower voltage bulb and thus save money on energy costs. We also have LED wall lights available.

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