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Pendant Lights

Large pendant lights are perfect for high vaulted ceilings in hallways, stairwells, or any room where smaller lights may seem swamped by space. Wonderful as centrepieces, our beautiful large pendant lights are sure to make a brilliant first impression. All of our lights are eligible for free UK delivery if you spend £60 or over.

To Suit Rooms
£0 £2600

Lenham Large Smoked Glass Cluster Chandelier


    Lenham Large Clear Glass Globe 3 Cluster Chandelier


      Lenham Large Ribbed Glass Cluster Chandelier


        Classic Large Tapered Clear Glass Pendant Light


          Lenham Large Clear Globe Classic Pendant


            Camber Oval Large Handblown Clear Glass Pendant Light


              Camber Oval Large Handblown Ribbed Glass Pendant Light


                Hythe Large Handblown Bell Clear Glass Pendant Light


                  Bodium Large Bell Shaped Clear Glass Pendant Light


                    Chilham Clear Glass Cookie Pendant Light


                      Larger White Ceramic Pendant Light


                        Contemporary Large Clear Glass Knot Pendant Light


                            Small Luna Wooden Beaded Chandelier Pendant Light


                                Large Pastel Coloured Dome Pendant Light with Copper Trim


                                  Polished Nickel Large Dome Pendant Light


                                      Mono 30cm Industrial Prismatic Glass Railway Pendant


                                        Large Ribbed Glass Globe Classic Pendant Ceiling Light


                                          Eden Elegant Clear Glass Globe Pendant Light - Large


                                            Telal Vintage Industrial Pendant Light


                                              Valli Classic Glass Rod Lantern Style Pendant


                                                  Artemis Brass and Glass Rodded Large Chandelier Pendant


                                                      Borealis Large Brass and Glass Domed Vintage Style Pendant Light


                                                          Demijohn Pendant Light - Large Clear Glass


                                                              Percy Large Brass and Glass Vintage Style Pendant Light


                                                                  Heathcliff Porcelain Pendant Light


                                                                    Luxor Large Clear Glass and Brass Pendant


                                                                        Large Carrington Vintage Style Lantern Pendant Light


                                                                            Large Edison Industrial Vintage Pendant


                                                                              Nickel Bell Map Room Pendant Set


                                                                                  Wicker Cluster Pendant Light


                                                                                      Oval Clear Glass Pendant Light


                                                                                          Unique Scandi Natural Woven Rattan Pendant Light - Conical - Small


                                                                                              Unique Scandi Wicker Round Pendant Light - Small


                                                                                                Beautiful Scandi Wicker Dome Pendant Light - Medium


                                                                                                  Large Finley Art Deco Opal Glass Pendant Light


                                                                                                    Large Classic Prismatic Glass Bell Shaped Pendant Light


                                                                                                      Smoked Glass Tapered Cluster Pendant Ceiling Light


                                                                                                        Smoked Glass Dome Shaped Cluster Pendant Ceiling Light


                                                                                                          Large Stella Star Clear Glass Lantern Pendant Light


                                                                                                              Brunswick Trio Chalk Pendant Ceiling Light


                                                                                                                  Industrial Flat Cookie Shade Pendant Light


                                                                                                                      Romeo Classic Glass Globe Beaded Chandelier


                                                                                                                          Cylindrical Bar Trio Clear Glass Pendant Ceiling Light


                                                                                                                              Cairo Modern Up/Down Cone Pendant Light with Brass Trim


                                                                                                                                Large Ceiling Lights

                                                                                                                                As well as having the vital practical function of increasing visibility, our large pendant lights can be aesthetically pleasing and mood-uplifting decor even when switched off. Many of our pendant lights are adjustable, meaning you can control the length of the cable to decide how far or close to the ceiling you want it to be. High hanging large ceiling lights emphasise the size of a room whereas low hanging large pendant lights can make a room feel cosier and less vast. We also have some large wall lights, perfect for if you want to have statement piece lights that don't hang above you.

                                                                                                                                Large Hanging Lights

                                                                                                                                Here at The Wall Lighting Company we have large hanging lights in a range of different finishes and materials, carefully handpicked from trusted manufacturers all over the world to ensure both high quality and aesthetic appeal. Wooden lights would be great for creating a natural and Scandinavian look, whereas fabric shades would work well in a vintage or classically styled room. Antique brass or bronze finishes would be perfect for traditional spaces and polished nickel or chrome lights would suit modern decor.

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