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Prismatic Glass Wall Lights

The narrow ribs in the glass of prismatic wall lights help to enhance the light from a bulb, allowing its brightness to be evenly distributed throughout a room. Here at The Wall Lighting Company we carefully hand pick our lights from trusted manufacturers both locally and across the world, ensuring we have the most diverse range of products with the best quality. All of our lights are available with free UK delivery on orders over £100. 


To Suit Rooms

Prismatic Glass Wall Lights

Due to their timeless aesthetic appeal, prismatic glass wall lights look attractive in most rooms around the home, including bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms, and thanks to the varied selection of brackets available, you can be even more creative with the decor in the room. The elegance of glass matched with the traditional feel of materials such as brass and bronze allows these versatile lights to be installed into most settings. Prismatic glass lights are particularly good in creating a vintage or retro feeling and fit seamlessly into Victorian, Georgian, or Edwardian era homes.

Prismatic Wall Lighting

Glass is a popular material because it can be easily integrated into any environment, complementing its surroundings rather than distracting. It has a feeling of elegance which makes prismatic wall lighting the perfect for enhancing the atmosphere in hotels and restaurants. It gives off bright light without the glare that a bare bulb or a clear glass light can sometimes create. To create a feeling of completion, you may want to purchase our prismatic pendant lights to go alongside your prismatic wall lights.

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