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Porch Wall Lights

Installing a porch wall light can make entering the home much safer and stress-free. By installing an outside and indoor wall light onto your porch’s interior and exterior you will make the building far more inviting. This is highly important for hotels and restaurants where first impressions are extremely important. We find that many tradespeople who are working on porch extension projects will come to us for quality wall lights because of our dedicated customer service and competitive price. We also stock porch pendant lights if you are looking to install a complete set.

To Suit Rooms
£0 £2600

Classic Aged Copper and Brass Outdoor Wall Light


    Classic Aged Copper and Brass Outdoor Wall Light - Straight Arm


      Chelsea Classic Antique Brass Outdoor Wall Light


        Quality Outdoor Flush Mount Mast Light

        £180.00 - £190.00

        Strathmore IP44 Slim Wall Lantern

        £358.00 - £492.00

        Strathmore IP44 Wall Lantern

        £360.00 - £479.00

        Contemporary Vitrine Box IP43 Wall Light - Small

        £220.00 - £240.00

        Vitrine Box Double Wall Light IP43 Rated


        Large Contemporary Vitrine Box IP43 Wall Light

        £430.00 - £480.00

        Cylindrical Clear Glass Contemporary Dome Outdoor Wall Light


          Chehoma Adjustable Antique Silver Bathroom Spotlight Wall Light


            Belvedere Grey Outdoor Wall Light IP44 Rated


              Grosvenor Outdoor Traditional Box Wall Light - Light Grey


                Large Traditional Swan Neck Wall Light with Cage


                Ruben Small Oval Marine Wall Light


                Traditional Cladach Cage Outdoor IP65 Wall Light


                Wade Outdoor Brass Spot Light IP54


                  Barn Light Outdoor Wall Light


                    Swan Neck Classic Outdoor Sign Light IP23 Rated


                    Swan Neck Traditional Outdoor Wall Light - IP65


                    Industrial Outdoor Straight Arm Manby Wall Light


                    Industrial Outdoor Swan Neck Manby Wall Light


                    Large Classic IP23 Zinc Wall Lantern


                        Unique Small Ship's Passageway Unique Clear Glass Caged Wall Lights


                          Crail IP44 Outdoor Wall Light


                            Traditional Outdoor Curved Wall Light


                              Large Traditional Outdoor Wall Light


                                Large Traditional Outdoor Swan Neck Wall Light


                                Extra Large Traditional Outdoor Curved Wall Light


                                  Mast Light in Anodised Aluminium


                                    WALL MOUNTED PORCH LIGHTS

                                    The great thing about wall mounted porch lights is that they produce a warming glow closer to where you are stood. Whilst ceiling lights will create light throughout the whole room, porch wall lighting will enhance selected areas which can be extremely important in larger porches such as those at the entrance of a hotel. We stock a wide variety of wall lights for porches and always aim to provide our customers with the perfect option for their specific tastes. We have established wonderful relationships with many customers thanks to our passion for lighting. It is because of this that we have established a reputation for quality products and customer service.

                                    PORCH SCONCE LIGHTING

                                    We welcome you to view our porch sconce lighting. You can easily buy any of our lights online with free UK delivery on orders over £60. We use reputable delivery services to ensure your porch wall lights arrive safely and on time. We also pay particular attention to the way our lights are packaged to ensure they remain safe during transit.

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