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Vintage Bathroom Wall Lights

Vintage bathroom wall lights are very popular in the UK at the moment. You can install them in an older build to stay true to its character and emphasize its post-era appearance, or you can install it in a new build to be a useful and stylish decoration. Our vintage bathroom wall lights are eligible for free UK delivery if you spend £100 or more. 


To Suit Rooms

Vintage Bathroom Sconces

Wall lights are commonly installed beside mirrors or above counters and sinks to act as task lighting. Our vintage bathroom sconces would be perfect for this, as many of them are also adjustable so you can direct the light exactly where you want it. This ensures you can evenly illuminate your face and prevent shadows when you are applying makeup or shaving and avoid making mistakes. Ribbed or prismatic glass shades with dark finishings such as antique brass or bronze may be considered more inkeeping with the vintage style, though the bright golden sheen of polished brass fittings may be great for replicating the 1920's art deco look. Vintage bathrooms wall lights with glass shades are more efficient in lighting a room as the bulb is not obstructed by opaque material, so you can buy lower voltage bulbs and save money on energy costs.

Vintage Bathroom Wall Sconces

Warm light is more commonly associated with vintage than cool light is, so you may want to emphasise the vintage look of your bathroom by installing warm light bulbs. Most of these bulbs are dimmable, allowing you to soften the glow of the light and create a relaxing and gentle atmosphere for evening baths or early mornings. Our vintage bathroom wall sconces are both functional and beautiful. They're secure, having an rating of IP44 or higher to ensure safety in spaces where they may be splashed with water, and we have a selection of different vintage styles, materials, and finishes to ensure you can find the vintage bathroom wall lights that are perfect for you.

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