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We have exciting news for our valued customers, you can now buy your wall and pendant lights all in one place.

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Modern Wall Lights

Choose Modern Wall Lights from The Wall Lighting Company and give new life to your interior and exterior settings. Contemporary lighting can create striking focal points and make a real impact on your walls. Be up to date and benefit from energy-saving LED bulbs and dimmers to get the most out of your modern wall sconces. See our range of modern pendant lights to complete your look. Alternatively, if you are searching for a more unique style, our designer wall light collection will provide you with the inspiration you need.


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Contemporary Wall Lights

Each contemporary wall light in our selection is thoughtfully designed and chosen for its ability to bring a fresh, new and bright look to your space. Using current materials, colours and designs our contemporary wall lights are perfect for refreshing the wall lighting in your home or commercial space. We understand that design and style can be very personal which is why we ensure there is always a great selection of modern wall lights available for you to choose from. If you have any questions about any of our modern sconces, please contact us.

Where can modern wall lights be used?

Modern wall sconces can be a perfect complement to old style buildings and settings, creating more interest, mood and variation. Modern and Contemporary wall lights can be the key to creating a cohesive design theme, incorporating the old and the new. Combine modern wall lights with classic interiors to create an eclectic mix of eras and styles. Use a brightly coloured shade against natural linens and velvets for the ultimate in luxury.

At The Wall Lighting Company, we carefully select and update our range of contemporary wall lighting to keep you inspired in the ever-changing world of lighting.

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