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Table Lamps

Our hallway table lamps are ornamental as well as practical, decorating an area of a home that is often left relatively plain. It is very important to have good lighting in the entrance of your home, as it will be your guests’ first impression of your house and it is better to have a clean, well-lit space than a dull, cluttered one.

To Suit Rooms

Hall Table Lamps

There’s no need to fumble around in the dark searching for a light switch; having a touch-control lamp by your door makes returning home a lot less cumbersome and means you can avoid taking your shoes off in the dark. Having hallway table lamps on a console table will help to illuminate your keys and any other items you may place there, ensuring you do not forget them on your way out of the house.

We offer hallway table lamps in a range of different styles, shapes, and sizes, from small traditional hall lanterns to large contemporary touch-control hall table lamps. Lamps with fabric shades have a more homely, classic look, whereas metal or glass shades may be more modern or industrial in appearance.

Small table lamps for hallway

Small hall table lamps can be a gorgeous alternative to wall lights if you wish to illuminate a corridor without drilling into the walls or ceilings. Whether you place them on a bookshelf, a console table, or a coffee table, these small table lamps for hallway spaces are sure to enhance the sophistication of your home.

Dimmable bulbs are always a wonderful choice if you wish to create a soft ambience, and may be the best choice when considering landing lighting if you have children who struggle to sleep without their door open.

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