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Unusual Pendant Lights

Unusual pendant lights are for people who are looking for something a bit different from the norm. Quirky and rare, these unique pendant lights can help you add personali... read more.

Unusual pendant lights are for people who are looking for something a bit different from the norm. Quirky and rare, these unique pendant lights can help you add personality to a space and enable you to express your artistic side, often being talking points with interesting stories about their creation. Free UK delivery is available for orders that cost £100 or more.

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Unusual Hanging Lights

Our unusual hanging lights are coveted by interior designers for their creativity and rarity - they can't be found everywhere! If modern or traditional lighting are not your style, we're sure to have something a bit more interesting for you among our unusual and unique collection. These pendants can be used to bring a fun and quirky energy to a room, while still being practical, easy to install, and efficient in illuminating. Here at The Wall Lighting Company Limited we value quality and durability as much as we value style, so you can be sure the products you buy from us are made to last.

Unusual Kitchen Pendant Lights

These unique pendant lights add character to any room they inhabit, though you may find that they're especially suited for kitchen areas. Unusual kitchen pendant lights can turn a plain kitchen into a room worthy of being in an interior design magazine, creating a point of interest in an otherwise minimalistic room. Fabric pendant lights may be best for rooms with minimal natural lighting, as otherwise they might be susceptible to sun bleaching. However, our metal and glass unusual pendant lights will have no problem with sun bleaching, and also remain corrosion free and without rust. Another attractive feature is that some of our unsual glass pendants have the potential to cast small rainbows if placed in the right spot. You may want to look at our other kitchen pendant lights or our kitchen wall lights for more inspiration.

What are unusual pendant lights?

Unusual pendants offer unique lighting choices for those who would like to add a dramatic flair to their home that simple ceiling lights don't grant. At The Wall Lighting Company, we offer a number of cheap pendant lights of various styles and themes that will suit a wide variety of rooms. These funky lighting fixtures are the perfect addition to any home, acting as a bold statement piece in any room.
Where can you place unusual pendant lights?
Our collection of dangling lights can be incorporated into different types of rooms within the house. From modern hanging lights for a living room to cool ceiling lights for bedrooms, unusual pendants have a wide range of applications, offering the ideal modern lighting solution with an unconventional twist. Don’t be afraid to use pendant chandeliers for more glamorous lighting.

Are unusual pendant lights safe for a bathroom?

Ceiling hanging lamps and pendants with the appropriate IP rating can be suitable for use in a bathroom. In particular, they must have a minimum IP rating of IP44, but a higher IP rating is more effective in improving the lifespan and quality of your unusual pendant lights in the bathroom. Remember to check the IP rating of the lights before purchasing.

What types of unusual pendant lights are best for the kitchen?

A kitchen pendant light is a great way to stylishly illuminate your kitchen space. The design and style of your pendant light depends on the aesthetic that you are trying to emulate for your kitchen, but keep in mind that cool kitchen lights are modern and can be a great topic of conversation for guests. Kitchen hanging lights over the table is certainly one way to place pretty ceiling lights. Consider globed or circular shaped pendant ceiling lights for the kitchen.

How big are unusual pendant lights?

The Wall Lighting Company offers unusual pendant lights of different sizes, so you don’t have to worry about getting a too big or too small pendant ceiling light. These can range from different widths to lengths, with long hanging ceiling lights ideal for tall ceilings. Our small pendant ceiling lights can be placed in bathrooms or other small areas, not only lighting up the space, but also adding a funky aesthetic to the room.

What colour lighting is suitable for unusual pendant lights?

For homes, it is generally considered that warm white lighting is the ideal type of lighting for all rooms. Warm lighting with unusual ceiling light shades can make pretty ceiling lights that create cool light reflections and shadows. Some of our funky light fixtures are also compatible with dimmable bulbs, so you can alter the brightness however you like.

What types of materials are used for unusual hanging lights?

At The Wall Lighting Company, our selection of hanging pendant lights are made from a wide number of different materials. You can choose from conventional lighting fixture materials such as glass and metal, or you can browse through more unique material options like jute, rattan, ceramic, and more that make colourful light fittings and beautiful ceiling lights. The choice is yours.

Can I install unusual pendant lights by myself?

It is not recommended to install hanging lights by yourself if you are not familiar with the installation process. This includes the wiring and cabling of the electrical components of the lights. As a result, it is always advisable to hire a professional electrician to install your new unusual pendant lights for you. This ensures the safety of both yourself and any other people in your home, as well as making sure that the lights are set up correctly.

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