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Pendant Lights

With a variety of styles, finishes, and designs to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect metal pendant lights at The Wall Lighting Company to suit your tastes. Hand picked from trusted manufacturers both locally and from around the world, all of our lights are available at great prices and are eligible for free UK delivery on orders over £60.

To Suit Rooms
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Lenham XXL Clear Globe Classic Pendant


    Large Grey with Nickel Interior Dome Pendant Light


      Polished Nickel Large Dome Pendant Light


          Large Pastel Coloured Dome Pendant Light with Copper Trim


            Borealis Regular Brass and Glass Domed Vintage Style Pendant Light


                Borealis Large Brass and Glass Domed Vintage Style Pendant Light


                    Elegance Large Solid Unique Pendant Light


                      Telal Vintage Industrial Pendant Light


                        Bogota Unique Half Round Brass Pendant Light


                          Reznor Small Industrial Shaded Pendant Light


                            Melvillous Brass and Glass Rodded Large Chandelier Pendant


                                Industrial Rectangular Cage Pendant


                                    Large Edison Industrial Vintage Pendant


                                      Nickel Bell Map Room Pendant Set


                                          Vienna Vintage Factory Cutout Style Pendant


                                            Wyse XL Industrial Coloured Pendant Light


                                                Brunswick Trio Chalk Pendant Ceiling Light


                                                    Vintage Style Industrial Caged Pendant Light


                                                      Scandi Strap 16 Pendant Light


                                                        Industrial Flat Cookie Shade Pendant Light


                                                            Original 1227 Giant Brass Pendant


                                                              Solid Aluminium Ship's Passageway Ceiling Light


                                                                  Cylindrical Bar Trio Clear Glass Pendant Ceiling Light


                                                                      Cairo Modern Up/Down Cone Pendant Light with Brass Trim


                                                                        Metal Ceiling Lights

                                                                        If you're hoping to create a more traditional or retro look that would perfectly blend into Edwardian, Georgian, or Victorian homes, metal pendant lights with brass or bronze finishes may be better suited, whereas for a more contemporary style, nickel or chrome finishes would fit right in. Our variety of colours allows you to choose finishes that match the hardware, door handles, or decorations in your room. We take great care in choosing our lights, ensuring high quality and a feeling of luxury regardless of the shape or size. Many of our metal ceiling lights are hand finished and are available with adjustable cables, so you can have complete control over their direction and height - which is especially useful if your ceiling is lower or higher than the norm.

                                                                        Metal Pendant Light Shades

                                                                        Metal pendant light shades are versatile, while being more durable and long lasting than lights made from less enduring materials. Our metal wall lamps are available in minimalist shapes such as cubes and cuboids and more traditional shapes such as cones and domes, with alluring matt, polished, or brushed finishes. Small metal pendant lights look great when hang in a row, usually above a kitchen island or leading you down a hallway, while medium lights look great on their own or in a cluster in the centre of a room. A large metal pendant light above the dining table or stairs or in a hallway can be a wonderful focal point and create a statement, and can be used to emphasise the room's size or, if placed correctly, create the illusion of it being smaller. As an added bonus, many of our metal pendant lights have an IP rating of at least IP44, making them safe for bathrooms and outdoor areas.

                                                                        To add to the glow of your metal pendant lights, you may also want to look at our (often matching) metal wall lights.

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