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A metal wall light would be a robust and aesthetically appealing addition to your home, regardless of whether you are hoping to create a classic, vintage, or modern theme... read more.

A metal wall light would be a robust and aesthetically appealing addition to your home, regardless of whether you are hoping to create a classic, vintage, or modern theme. Here at The Wall Lighting Company we have a large array of different finishes available, so you can purchase a metal wall light that perfectly fits your colour scheme. All of our lights are available for free UK delivery if you spend over £100.

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Metal Wall Sconces

Our metal wall sconces are available in a wide array of different finishes, allowing you to pick the colour that best suits your decor. If you wish to enhance a traditional, vintage, or retro look that would blend seamlessly into older builds, a metal wall light with a brass or bronze finish would be a good choices. For those hoping to create a modern feeling, nickel or chrome may be better suited. Our different variations of finishes such as matt, polished, or brushed means you can be even more specific with your personalisation and match your wall lights to the colour of your door handles or appliances.

Metal Wall Lights

Your metal wall lights can be retro or modern depending on the shape and finish, and as many of them are adjustable you can direct them to towards the areas you wish to be illuminated, making them perfect for bedsides when you want to do some late night reading. A metal wall light is versatile and would suit most spaces, both interior and exterior. Many of them have an IP rating of at least IP44, making them safe for bathrooms and outdoor areas, and some are galvanised, meaning they would be even more well-suited to the outdoors due to their protective layer of zinc that prevents rusting.

Where can I place metal wall lights?

A metal light can be placed virtually anywhere around your property, regardless of whether it is a residential or commercial building. In fact, metal wall lights are popular in kitchens, bedrooms, and even bathrooms. With the different styles of wall sconces available at The Wall Lighting Company, wall sconces lights can suit a wide range of homes and businesses.

What types of metals are available for wall lights?

At The Wall Lighting Company, we stock a number of different metal light fixtures of various metals and textures. From steel wall lights to brass, our collection of modern wall sconces come in a vast range of metals for you to choose from. In particular, nickel and brass are ideal for mid-century themed homes, whilst antique silver and steel wall lights are great for adding a sleek appeal to industrial themed homes.

How energy efficient are metal wall lights?

At The Wall Lighting Company, we offer a vast array of wall sconces that are compatible with LED light bulbs. LED bulbs are known to be extremely energy efficient compared to traditional light bulbs like halogen and incandescent. This means that when you choose an LED-compatible metal light fixture, accompanied with an LED light bulb, you can expect to save money on energy bills.

Can I install metal wall sconces by myself?

It is not recommended to install any form of wall lighting solutions, including metal wall sconces lights by yourself. It is important that you are experienced and knowledgeable about the installation process before you proceed. As a result, this means that the better option should be to hire a qualified electrician who is able to install your new metal light fixture for you. Not only is this a more efficient method of installation, but it is also safer.

What IP rating should metal wall lights have?

Depending on where you place your metal wall lights, a minimum IP rating of IP44 is recommended for areas that are vulnerable to water exposure. For instance, this can be a bathroom, kitchen, and outdoor space. So, if you are planning to install metal sconces lights in your bathroom, IP44, IP54 and IP65 are recommended.

Can metal wall lights be placed outdoors?

Yes. Modern wall sconces can be placed outdoors, provided that they have an IP rating of IP44 as a minimum. This ensures that they are protected against the weather elements, particularly rainfall. If you live in an area that experiences rainfall often, then it might be best to pick a metal light fixture that has an IP rating of IP65 as this rating offers better water resistance compared to IP44 and IP54.

How often should I clean metal sconces lights?

You should ideally clean your metal wall sconces lights regularly to avoid the buildup of dirt and grime. A light maintenance clean every one to two weeks is recommended to prevent the metal from tarnishing. Using a damp, soft cloth and mild detergent, you can wipe away debris and dirt from your disc wall light fixture after removing the light bulb. With a sconce lamp, don’t forget to clean the inside of the fixture (bulb removed), as well as its exterior.

What colours do metal wall lights come in?

The Wall Lighting Company’s range of metal wall lights come in numerous sizes and colours. You can choose from classic metal colours like plain silver and brass, to white or black metal wall lights. In our metal lights collection, some metals like brass can come in a variety of colours in the same model, so you have the choice of colours and finishes like antique brass, polished brass, satin brass, and more.

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