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Ceramic Wall Lights

Ceramic wall lights are known for their strength and durability. The hand-fired shades are ideal for all homes, new and old, as the ceramic wall light styles can be both classic and contemporary. Regardless of style, lights made from this material have an undeniable elegance.


To Suit Rooms

Ceramic Wall Lamp

There is an individuality to ceramic wall lights due to the natural characteristics of the material, then the firing, glazing and finishing processes. It’s a lovely way to add some unique touches to your home and business lighting.

The translucency means these type of white ceramic wall lights are popular in bathrooms, offering a softer lighting. A ceramic wall lamp complements the trend for ceramics in bathrooms and washrooms. The clean lines of a ceramic lamp are perfect in these rooms.

Ceramic Wall Sconce Light Fixture

Ceramic wall lights can be dimmable so a great idea for rooms where you want accent lighting. The ceramic wall sconce fittings can be flush to the wall or combined with fixed or angled fittings. It’s a great way to mix and match natural materials, a white ceramic wall lamp with metal swan neck, for example. They also work well as uplights and downlights. Some people have painted their ceramic wall lights, so you could really add your own personal touch.

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