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Table Lamps

Kitchen table lamps are a simple yet effective way to bring some extra charm and warmth to the room, smoothing away the somewhat industrial look that some kitchens possess. This unique and beautiful way of decorating is not commonly seen, so it’s certain to impress friends and family while also offering practical lighting for you.

To Suit Rooms

Kitchen Table Lamps

Perched on marble countertops or placed at the centre of a kitchen island, our kitchen table lamps are sure to impress. Our cableless options make moving the lamps easy – which is vital for when you need to maximise the space on your kitchen surfaces or simply do not like the appearance of cords and plugs. We have rechargeable and battery-powered lamps, but you could also consider using a solar-powered lamp if you intend to place it in from of a window where it can soak up energy from the sun during the day. Kitchen table lamps offer a softer lighting that’s perfect for evenings and winter days. Easier on the eyes, these are great for night-time visits when the shine of a ceiling light would be too bright and glaring.

Lamps for kitchen counter

Our lamps for kitchen counter areas come in all different shapes, styles, and sizes, ensuring you don’t have to sacrifice your kitchen’s theme or colour scheme in the name of good lighting. As well as offering a warm and wholesome vibe that’s perfect for bringing the family together, these kitchen lamps offer practical task lighting that can help improve visibility as you prepare meals or snacks. Directional and less intense than ceiling lights, our kitchen table lamps are perfect for setting a more casual mood – especially as they can be equipped with dimmable bulbs.

As far as kitchen table lighting ideas are concerned, kitchen table lamps are a unique choice and certainly not a regrettable one, but if you’re still not convinced by this exceptional style, perhaps you would like to have a look at our more popular kitchen wall lights or pendants.

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