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Pendant Lights

It has recently become very trendy to install pendant lights by your bedside rather than having table lamps that take up space on your night stand. Bedside pendant lights come in many different styles and materials, ensuring you can find the best match for your bedroom. You can get free UK delivery on all of our lights if you spend £60.

To Suit Rooms
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Camber Oval Small Handblown Ribbed Glass Pendant Light


    Hythe Small Handblown Bell Clear Glass Pendant Light


      Rye Small Hand Blown Cone Glass Pendant Ceiling Light


        Bodium Small Bell Shaped Clear Glass Pendant Light


          Bodium Bell Shaped Ribbed Glass Pendant Light


            Wooden Clear Glass Contemporary Pendant Light


              Modern Scandi Simple Bulb Pendant Light


                Senna Marble Ceiling Light


                    Flat Marbled Ceramic Pendant Light


                      Small Marbled Ceramic Dome Pendant Light


                          Scandi Strap 16 Pendant Light


                            Hanging Bedside Lights

                            A great thing about bedside pendant lights is that they're incredibly functional and not just pretty. Unlike table lamps, you won't have to deal with the hassle of fumbling around your night stand to find the light switch - you can choose exactly where it goes so it's visible and easy to reach from a lying-in-bed position. You can also adjust their height and placement and dim the bulb, ensuring the lighting is exactly how you like it and not glaringly bright. Hanging bedside lights save space on your bedside cabinet, so you can place your books, jewellery, plants, or other decor and personal items there without having to organise them around a table lamp. If you're still not sold on bedside pendant lights, bedside wall lights may be a better choice for you.

                            Bedside Ceiling Lights

                            It is a very modern and fashionable look to have pendant lights hanging low over a nightstand on either side of a bed. Here at The Wall Lighting Company our pendants come in a huge array of different shapes and sizes, allowing you to find your perfect match. Keep it minimalist with simple dome or glass bedside pendant lamps or go for a more artisitic look with a dramatic chandelier or unusually shaped light. While the style is usually to have a single pendant, it could also look very aesthetically pleasing to have a cluster or three hanging bedside lamps placed close to together with different lengths of cable to create interest and depth. Bedside ceiling lights made from woven or wooden materials can create a very natural or rustic feeling, whilst metal can look more modern or industrial.

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