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Pendant Lights

Elevate your bedroom interior whilst increasing practicality with bedside pendant lights from The Wall Lighting Company. Save space on your nightstand by installing functional bedside hanging lights. Our bedside pendant lights come in many different shapes, styles and materials, ensuring you can find the best match for your bedroom. Our collection of glass bedside pendants are available in clear, ribbed or smoked glass to add a touch of individuality to your space with their exposed bulb and unique style. Alternatively, ceramic bedside pendants are an increasingly popular choice for their minimalist design and muted lighting effect.

To Suit Rooms

What Size Should Bedside Pendants Be? 

Bedside pendants should be a statement to your bedroom decor without overpowering the other main features of your room. When sizing up your bedside lighting, measure in feet the full height and width of your room and use the same number in inches to determine how large your bedside hanging lights should be. The length of all our bedside pendant lights varies depending on the style you choose, so this should also be taken into account when selecting the right bedside light for you.

Where Should Bedside Pendant Lights Be Placed? 

Singular bedside pendant lights hanging low above each nightstand will tie the room together and give you more bedside storage space. With this in mind ensure there are at least 30 cm between your nightstand and the lowest point of the bedside pendant. You can also choose exactly where your light switch goes so you can easily reach it whilst lying in bed. To add an edge to your decor, place multiple pendant lights in a cluster at each side of the bed, varying in height and size for a unique lighting arrangement.

If you’re still wanting to save nightstand space without hanging pendant lights, our range of bedside wall lights is another eye-catching yet practical choice.

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