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Glass Pendant Lights

Glass is a versatile lighting material, expertly crafted into endless designs to suit the interior of any home whilst adding a touch of luxury and timeless tradition.  An exposed bulb in a glass ceiling light creates a modern feel, especially when installed in a trio of lights over a kitchen island. Whether you’re looking for a large glass pendant light to create a statement alone or a small glass pendant that could be fitted in a group, we have a range of elegant designs to decorate your home. Clear glass pendant lighting will provide a crisp and bright environment whereas our smoked or coloured glass pendant lights will introduce depth and warmth to your space.

To Suit Rooms

Glass Ceiling Lights

Even before lighting was electrical glass was often used to contain and decorate the flickering flames of candles. Each glass pendant light in our collection is made with hand blown glass, expertly crafted to create the perfect focal point for any room. Glass ceiling lights are a popular choice among many homeowners due to their unique ability to brighten a space, even during the day when the lights are switched off, the dazzling glass used in these ceiling lights, instantly transforms the room. All our glass pendant lights are dimmable, allowing you to create the perfect environment every evening.

Where Can Glass Pendant Lights Be Used?

Glass pendant lights are a great choice in both residential and commercial settings due to the wide range of styles, colours and opacities available. Coloured glass pendants can help create mood lighting and match the theme of a restaurant or bar, instantly making decor cohesive while creating a focal point.

In the home, glass ceiling lights are a popular choice for kitchens, illuminating countertops whilst being easy to wipe down and clean as opposed to a fabric light fitting. Install a large glass pendant or a trio of glass pendants to brighten the whole kitchen or place a cluster of multiple small glass pendant lights above your dining area to create an ambience whilst the family gathers together each day.

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