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Coloured Glass
Wall Lights

Our coloured glass wall lights are brilliant for adding a bright pop of colour and liveliness to any room, regardless of whether the setting is residential, commercial, or industrial. Choosing the right colours that match a rooms theme can create a unique mood in the room, which is essential for homes and businesses where the right colours can create a welcoming environment.

To Suit Rooms

Colourful Glass Wall Sconces

Different coloured glass wall lights can help you to create different moods. For example, red glass can create romantic lighting, and would be perfect for adding a soft glow to restaurant settings. Blue glass can encourage a serene ambience and seaside vibes, whereas yellow can promote a happy atmosphere and purple can add a royal and mysterious look to your room. All of our colourful glass wall sconces are dimmable, saving you on energy costs and enabling you to help set the mood you want. Our unique wall lights are supplied by trusted manufacturers from all over the world and are available at great prices. As an additional bonus, we offer free UK delivery on orders over £60.

Stained Glass Wall Lights

Stained glass wall lights come in many different colours and can be as visually appealing as a stained glass painting, adding a bright and bold pop of colour to whichever room you wish to place them in. Our coloured glass wall lights come in different shapes and styles so you can find the one that perfectly fits your furniture and decor. To create a cohesive theme in your room, you may want to add matching coloured pendant lights which look especially pretty in clusters.

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