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Steinel Outdoor Motion Sensor

Your safety and security is important to us, so we sell Steinel sensors for both wall and pendant lights. Steinel sensors use motion sensing technology to activate your o... read more.

Your safety and security is important to us, so we sell Steinel sensors for both wall and pendant lights. Steinel sensors use motion sensing technology to activate your outdoor lights when someone approaches your home or business. Explore our range of sensor-compatible lights below.

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Outdoor Motion Sensors

These outdoor motion sensors have multiple purposes, including scaring off potential intruders who may think twice when it becomes apparent they can’t sneak up on your home without being noticed. These may also work to scare off unwanted nighttime visitors such as foxes.

Automatic Outdoor Lights

These Steinel sensors make your outdoor lights automatic. This generally makes your life easier by illuminating your porch without you having to worry about finding a switch, allowing you to easily enter your home rather than fumble in the dark for your door’s keyhole. If you have children who like to play in the garden after dark, having Steinel sensors on your lights will keep them illuminated and help prevent them from tripping over anything until they decide to come back inside. These Steinel sensors will also turn off your outdoor lights after there has been no movement detected for a while, so you don't have to worry about accidentally leaving them on overnight and raising your energy bill.

What are Steinel lights?

Steinel invented a motion sensor for outdoor light, so Steinel lighting commonly refers to outdoor sensor lights. You will find that Steinel security lights are used for both residential and commercial properties as Steinel lights are a great security feature to keep your premises safe. With a Steinel security light, you can easily deter trespassers from attempting to sneak into your property.

Are Steinel outdoor lights waterproof?

An IP65 outdoor light with sensor is the recommended IP rating for outdoor Steinel lights. At the minimum, outdoor lights should have an IP rating of IP44. However, both IP44 and IP65 do not mean that Steinel lighting is waterproof - only water-resistant. A rating of IP65 has better water-resistance than a rating of IP44, which is why IP65 is recommended, especially for areas that may have frequent rainfall.

How energy efficient are outdoor sensor lights?

Outside door lights with sensor are incredibly energy efficient compared to traditional lighting solutions. With a lighting sensor, lights only turn on when they detect nearby movement, meaning that you can save money on electricity by not having to keep the lights turned on in the evening to light up pathways and driveways. Although they still consume energy, it is not as significant in comparison to inefficient light bulbs.

Do you need to clean outdoor sensor lights?

An outdoor wall sensor light should be cleaned regularly since they are frequently exposed to the outdoor elements. This means that dirt, debris, and grime can build up, leading to potential damage of the lighting fixture. An outdoor sensor light in particular should be well maintained to ensure that it continues to work properly. Simply wiping down the fixture with a soft cloth and mild detergent should do the trick (with the bulb removed).

What styles of outdoor sensor lights are available?

At The Wall Lighting Company, we stock a number of different outdoor sensor lights for your outdoor lighting needs. From a hanging porch light with a motion sensor to an enclosed wall sensor light, you can choose from a variety of outdoor sensor lights at The Wall Lighting Company. No matter if you are interested in an industrial theme or vintage theme, there will surely be something in our collection of outdoor sensor lights that will catch your eye.

What size outdoor motion sensor lights are available?

The Wall Lighting Company’s selection of outdoor sensor lights feature lighting fixtures of numerous sizes, ranging from tiny to extra large. This means that you have many options to choose from when you browse through our collection of wall sensor lights, so regardless if you need a large sized outdoor sensor light or a small sized outdoor light, you will find a solution that suits your needs best at The Wall Lighting Company.

Where should I place Steinel outdoor lights?

We recommend placing outdoor sensor lights on the walls around your property, enabling specific areas to be illuminated when a person walks by. Particularly, a porch light sensor by the driveway or entrance of your home is a great way to light up a path towards your front door during the evening.

Is it possible to install outdoor sensor lights by myself?

We do not suggest attempting to install Steinel outdoor lights by yourself, especially if you are inexperienced with electrical wiring. We recommend hiring a qualified electrician to help you install your new outdoor sensor lights for both a quick and safe installation - their services are affordable and can save you time and money if you accidentally damage the light or wiring).

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