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Chandeliers are perfect for adding extra elegance and glamour to a space. Regal in any material, a chandelier can be a show-stopping centrepiece or a complementary piece that enhances the pre-existing décor.

To Suit Rooms
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Lenham Large Smoked Glass Cluster Chandelier


    Lenham Large Clear Glass Globe 3 Cluster Chandelier


      Lenham Large Ribbed Glass Cluster Chandelier


        Mud Studio White Beaded Chandelier


            Large Luna Wooden Beaded Chandelier Pendant Light


                Small Luna Wooden Beaded Chandelier Pendant Light


                    Unique Coloured Glass Cluster Pendant Ceiling Light


                      Loki Two Tiered Oval Chandelier in Brass With Glass Rods


                          Artemis Brass and Glass Rodded Large Chandelier Pendant


                              Romeo Classic Glass Globe Beaded Chandelier


                                  Cylindrical Bar Trio Clear Glass Pendant Ceiling Light


                                      Chandelier Pendant Lights

                                      We have a range of different chandelier pendant lights, from the traditional glass chandelier to the more unique clay beaded chandelier. Most of our chandeliers are large and would be perfect for spacious rooms with high ceilings or at the centre of a spiral staircase, but we do supply smaller items so you can enjoy the majesty of a chandelier regardless of interior size.

                                      Glass Chandeliers

                                      We supply glass chandeliers in an array of different shapes and sizes, such as the circular glass rodded Athena or the rectangular two-tier Odin, both lined with a gorgeous golden brass which gives these pendant lights an art deco appeal. Another option is the Crystal Beaded Globe Chandelier, which is exactly as it sounds – a spherical chandelier made of glass fragments.

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