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Table Lamps

Whether you’re placing them strategically on either side of your bed or creating a cosy reading nook in the corner, we are certain to have the perfect bedroom table lamps to suit your needs. You may also want to look at our bedside wall lights and bedside pendant lights for additional lighting options.

To Suit Rooms

Bedside Table Lamps

Our bedroom table lamps are perfect for evening reading, for when you are getting ready for bed, or for if you wake up in the night or early morning and don’t want to stumble about in the dark to find the main light switch.

Here at The Wall Lighting Company we understand the importance of the needs of the individual, so we work hard to find bedroom table lamps to suit all kinds of different styles and colour schemes. We supply modern bedside lamps with minimalist designs and bold coloured shades, but we also have cream and neutral toned shades that have a classic look, ideal for traditional homes. Our metal based bedside lamps have a high quality and classy appeal, and a variety of finishes are available – from bright polished nickel to sleek dark bronze.

We recommend using LED bulbs in your bedroom table lamps when possible. LED lights offer a softer glow, a longer lasting bulb, and have the added bonus of keeping energy bills low. If you intend to dim your bedside table lights, you should make sure your dimmer is LED compatible.

Bedroom Lamp

A touch bedroom lamp allows you to turn the light on and off by simply tapping the product, so you don’t have to worry about struggling to reach the switch behind your bedside table. A dimmable bedside lamp is the ideal choice for anyone hoping to create mood lighting, and for those who don’t want to face harsh lighting when they wake up or when they settle down for bed.

Small bedside lamps have a delicate beauty and are a great choice if you wish to save room on your bedside tables. Large bedside lamps tend to be less subtle and are therefore wonderful for decoration and enhancing the character of a room. Big or small, our bedroom table lamps are perfect for relaxing and reading in bed.

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