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Outdoor Pendant Lights

These antique outdoor pendant lights have an aged, somewhat vintage look that can make the exterior of a house feel very natural and homely. Ideal for Edwardian, Victorian, or other period-style homes, these antique outdoor pendants bring an extra sense of history and character to a building.

To Suit Rooms

Antique Style Outdoor Pendants

Antique style outdoor pendants are made to look aged while having the functionality and safety of modern lights. At minimum these pendants have an IP44 rating, ensuring the fittings are secure and proofed enough that a bit of wind and rain won’t destroy the light and create a hazard.

Antique Pendant Lights

Antique pendant lights are perfect for if you do not want to drill into the walls of your home but still wish to have some outdoor lighting to enjoy your garden at any time of day. Having outdoor lighting can also improve your home’s security, as a well-lit driveway/porch has been known to deter uninvited guests.

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