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Wall Lights

Our diverse mixture of lavish bedside wall lights combines functionality with cosiness and style. These lights eliminate the need for the main light at night-time and create a warm bed-time ambience, perfect for reading, relaxing or getting ready for bed. Bedside wall lamps also make getting up in the morning easier, especially during those dark winter mornings. Perfect for homes, hotels, or guest rooms, all of our wall-mounted bedside lamps over £100 come with free UK delivery. 

To Suit Rooms


With ceramic, metal and glass options to choose from, you can create styles for your bedrooms such as contemporary, antique, industrial and much more, allowing you to match your home’s decor with ease. Whether you are designing a hotel, guestroom or bedroom, these elegant bedside wall lights are easy to install and a perfect addition when building a room. Over the years these styles of wall mounted bedside lights have become increasingly popular due to their array of practical uses and aesthetically pleasing looks, reap the benefits and introduce one in your bedroom today.


If you are looking to save space on your bedside table then adding a bedside wall light with a switch will be perfect for you, making bedtime routines more enjoyable when you walk into a room that you love with that warm glow emitting from your walls. Many hotels use bedside wall lamps when designing their rooms, you can enjoy this hotel feel every night with our selection bedside wall lights.

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