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Hallway & Landing
Wall Lights

View our range of elegant hallway wall lights. Choosing to install lighting on your walls in the hallway is welcoming and can really improve greetings to the home. We have sold lighting for hallways to homeowners, hotels and regularly have orders from home renovators and builders. Thanks to our wide selection built through our relationships with manufacturers across the world, we have wall hall lights available in many styles and materials. All wall lights come with free UK delivery on orders over £100.

To Suit Rooms


If you plan on installing hallway wall lights it is best to complement the stairway and landing. We sell a range of landing wall lights and stairwell wall lights that go perfectly with all hallway wall light fixtures that we have in stock. This creates a more inviting environment when entering the home which is why they are very popular and are often applied when a home is renovated.

As we sell hallway wall sconce lighting that is fitted directly to the electrics, we find that our products are often recommended to homeowners by electricians and tradesman. Thanks to our dedication to all of our customers, we have been able to truly improve hallways in a broad range of different buildings at a competitive price. Whether you are looking for traditional or modern hallway sconces, we will have something in stock that matches your tastes.


Choosing the right wall lights in a hallway can really set the mood for the rest of the house. When fitted alongside your décor the room can feel much more uplifting and warmer which is why they are often installed into buildings where first impressions are important. We have sold hallway wall lights to a diverse range of customers, from offices to holiday outlets and can assure you that the overall environment was instantly uplifted.

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