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Wall Lights

Stairs are often the first thing you see when entering a home, so it makes sense to make them safer and more attractive by adding stairwell wall lights. We stock a wide range of stylish stairwell sconce lighting at great prices. With free UK delivery on orders over £60, now is the perfect time to buy the lights of your choice. We choose trusted manufacturers so you can be certain that you will get good quality with every light you order.

To Suit Rooms
£0 £2600

Camber Oval Small Clear Glass Handblown Wall Light


    Camber Oval Medium Clear Glass Handblown Wall Light


      Camber Oval Medium Ribbed Glass Handblown Wall Light


        Camber Oval Small Ribbed Glass Handblown Wall Light


          Bodium Bell Shaped Handblown Ribbed Glass Wall Light


            Bodium Small Clear Glass Bell Shaped Wall Light


              Bodium Medium Clear Glass Bell Shaped Wall Light


                Bodium Large Clear Glass Bell Shaped Wall Light


                  Lenham Contemporary Wall Light with Clear Glass Shade


                    Lenham Traditional Ribbed Glass Wall Light


                      Soho Teal Blue Handblown Glass Globe Wall Light


                        Rye Small Clear Glass Cone Wall Light


                          Rye Medium Clear Glass Cone Wall Light


                            Rye Small Ribbed Glass Cone Swan Neck Wall Light


                              Rye Medium Ribbed Glass Cone Swan Neck Wall Light


                                Rye Small Smoked Glass Cone Swan Neck Wall Light


                                  White Ribbed Ceramic Wall Light - Long Swan Neck


                                    Double Adjustable Arm Wall Light - Bell Shaped


                                      Large Bell Interior Wall Light


                                        Ivor Classic Bespoke Wall Light


                                          Olive Tree Villa Alys Designer Wall Light


                                            Aster Classic Antique Brass Shaded Wall Light


                                              Solid Brass Adjustable 35.5cm Picture Light Wall Light


                                                Traditional Brass 50.5cm Adjustable Picture Light


                                                  Bespoke Double Arm Industrial Wall Light


                                                    Industrial Vintage Double LED Wall Light


                                                      Double Arm Cage Vintage Wall Light


                                                          Divine Cookie Adjustable Vintage Wall Light


                                                            Bespoke Adjustable Vintage Wall Light


                                                              Adjustable Vintage Picture Wall Light


                                                                Pulley Unique Industrial Clear Glass Shade Wall Light

                                                                £155.00 - £190.00

                                                                  Hartley Adjustable Arm Glass Cone Wall Light


                                                                      Adjustable Angled Traditional Wall Light


                                                                        Adjustable Industrial Spotlight Wall Light


                                                                            Clear Glass Globe Wall Light with Antique Brass Arm


                                                                                Classic Black Adjustable Straight Arm Wall Light


                                                                                    Simple Adjustable Industrial Wall Light


                                                                                      Vintage Adjustable Disc Spotlight Wall Light


                                                                                        Roddy Brass Wall Light


                                                                                            Melville Vintage Style Mercurised Glass Wall Light


                                                                                                Tall Melville Mercurised Glass Wall Sconce


                                                                                                    Contemporary Cylindrical Clear Glass Shaded Wall Light


                                                                                                      Bamboo Villa Alys Large Designer Contemporary Wall Light


                                                                                                        Rubens Adjustable LED Picture Wall Light


                                                                                                          Adjustable Monet 40cm Slim Picture Wall Light

                                                                                                          £270.00 - £290.00

                                                                                                            Modern Double Cone Wall Light with Brass Trim


                                                                                                              Industrial Medium Maria Adjustable Wall Light


                                                                                                                  WALL MOUNTED STAIRWELL LIGHTING

                                                                                                                  As well as selling to residential homeowners, we find that our stairwell wall lights are very popular in commercial and industrial settings. From offices through to hotel stairwells, our lights are extremely diverse and can give your interior the look that you’re searching for. We encourage you to think about your stairwell before purchasing to ensure the light will remain unobstructive when installed onto the wall.

                                                                                                                  STAIRWELL SCONCES

                                                                                                                  As well as installing stairwell wall lights, you may wish to fully complement the stairs by also installing stairwell pendant lights. When specifically chosen to match a certain style you can really bring that area of the home or building to life. We stock a wide selection of different options from modern through to retro and vintage. Please enjoy browsing our selections and feel safe knowing that we provide secure payment options.

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