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Please find below some useful charts and diagrams which will hopefully answer some of the queries you have. 

If not, we are here to help, so please email us at sales@thewalllightingcompany.co.uk or phone us on 01580 712805. You may also want to take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page.


If the bulb is not automatically included with a product, the bulbs that are compatible with the light should be in the 'Recommended Accessories' part of its product page unless it is a type of bulb we do not sell. While the shape can depend on your aesthetic preference, it is crucial that your bulb has the right fitting because otherwise it simply won't fit.

Our most common lightbulbs are Screw Caps and Bayonets. Screw Caps, labelled with 'E' and also known as Edison bulbs, have to be screwed into the light. Our most common screw fitting is the E27. Lightbulbs beginning with 'B' refer to Bayonets, which are connected to the fitting by using a push and twist action.


IP20 rated lights, though protected against drops of water, are probably not the best choice for bathrooms. They would be better suited to kitchen or conservatory environments where the likeliness of them getting wet is much lower. They could also be put outside under a sheltered porch.

IP44 rated products are protected against penetration of solid objects up over 1mm and from splashes of water. Placing them in Zone 3 would be best.

IP65 rated products can withstand jets of water and are protected from dust. They can be placed in Zone 2.

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