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Wall Lights

Antique style wall lights are an extremely popular option for anyone looking to add a periodic feel to a room. We find that many country homes are perfect for period wall lighting. They are often installed into restaurants and hotels that aim to bring a unique style and feel to the interior areas of the building. An antique style wall light creates a warm glow that makes the room both lighter and more inviting. All of our antique style wall lighting options are available with free UK delivery on orders over £60.

To Suit Rooms
£0 £2600

Hadlow Vintage Adjustable Shell Wall Light


    Ceramic White Swan Neck Wall Light


      White Ribbed Ceramic Wall Light - Long Swan Neck


        White Ceramic Dome Wall Light - Swan Neck


          Chartham Swan Neck Wall Light


            Small Adjustable Bell Wall Light


              Double Adjustable Arm Wall Light - Bell Shaped


                Triple Adjustable Arm Wall Light - Bell Shaped


                  Fully Adjustable Bell Shaped Wall Light


                    Traditional Antique Brass Lantern Box Wall Light


                        Chehoma Adjustable Antique Silver LED Spotlight Wall Light


                            Traditional Adjustable Handmade Wall Light - Spotlight


                              Bespoke Double Arm Industrial Wall Light


                                Divine Cookie Adjustable Vintage Wall Light


                                  Adjustable Vintage Picture Wall Light


                                    Pulley Unique Industrial Clear Glass Shade Wall Light

                                    £155.00 - £190.00

                                      Vintage Adjustable Disc Spotlight Wall Light


                                        Roddy Brass Wall Light


                                            Chehoma Antique Silver Shaded Wall Light


                                                Clear Glass Globe Wall Light with Antique Brass Arm


                                                    Adjustable Angled Traditional Wall Light


                                                      ANTIQUE WALL SCONCES

                                                      Our antique wall sconces have been specifically chosen based on consumer trends. This way we are able to provide you with the types of lighting that are popular. At the same time, we also stock unique options for anyone looking for something that little bit different. We find that many building renovators come to us because our lights are made from quality materials.

                                                      ANTIQUE SCONCES

                                                      We stock antique wall lights that are designed and made by trusted manufacturers. As the dedicated wall lighting company, we can help you pick the best options for your interior. Our antique wall lights are loved by our customers – just view our TrustPilot. We invite you to view all products available on our website. If require any information you are welcome to call us.

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