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Smoked Glass
Pendant Lights

Our increasingly popular dark and dramatic smoked glass pendant lights are perfect for creating a modern yet welcoming atmosphere in homes, bars, restaurants, and hotels. While still very efficient in illuminating a room, their elegant shading diffuses the light gently and reduces the glare that a bare bulb may have. We offer free UK deliveries on orders over £100.

To Suit Rooms

Smoked Glass Ceiling Light

A smoked glass ceiling light has the potential to create an impression that is both modern and unique. With its sleek design and interesting shade, it can become a focal point if you wish, or it can be used to complement your pre-existing centerpiece and blend with the theme of your room. Smoked glass pendant lights are best suited for kitchen, dining, or living rooms, though it would undoubtedly be a good fit for other spaces too. For perfect dining room lighting, you may wish to adjust your pendant so it hangs about one metre above your dining table, as this would ensure the table is brightly illuminated while also leaving room to ensure you do not knock your head on the pendant as you sit down.

Smoked Glass Pendant Shade

While we hand pick our products from trusted manufacturers all over the world, most of our smoked glass pendant lights are hand blown here in the UK. Due to the versatility of glass as a material, our lights come in an array of different shapes (including but not limited to: sphere, cone, dome, and cube) and with different fittings (such as brass, bronze, and nickel), so you can find the smoked glass pendant lights that perfectly match your decor and sense of style. You may also want to look at our selection of smoked glass wall lights to match with your smoked glass pendant shade. 

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