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Solid Brass
Wall Lights

Solid brass wall lights could be at the top of your shopping list when it comes to innovative and attractive lighting within your home. Some rooms are easier to light than others, and some areas are difficult to get right. Stairwells, for example, can be hard to light properly.

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Solid Brass Wall Sconces

If you have the idea to use wall lights in your stairwell area, then this is most certainly something that is possible. It will, however, require advance planning to ensure that it is done correctly. The danger of lighting a stairwell with brass wall lights is that they might be placed either too high or too low. Too high means that the ceiling is lit but not the stairs themselves. Too low means that too much focus is given to the stairs and not enough to the area around or ahead of them. Another problem with installing wall lights too high is that maintenance is then difficult.

Solid Brass Wall Lighting 

Changing bulbs or fixing lighting that has malfunctioned is not only hard, but potentially dangerous in a stairwell. Installing the lights at a level that makes maintenance easy is another good gauge of where to put them. If they do need to be installed higher up then you may want to consider LED lights as they are longer lasting and the bulbs won’t need changing so often. Lighting a stairway properly is a bit of a balancing act and this is why planning is important. You might also decide to discuss your options with a lighting expert, as they will have ideas on how you can light this area of the home successfully.

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