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Bathroom Wall Lights

Here at The Wall Lighting Company we know bathroom wall lights are fundamental to a bathroom renovation to create the perfect atmosphere you’re searching for. Wheth... read more.

Here at The Wall Lighting Company we know bathroom wall lights are fundamental to a bathroom renovation to create the perfect atmosphere you’re searching for. Whether you are lighting your dream ensuite, or designing a high-end commercial bathroom space, bathroom wall lights are increasingly popular because they provide additional layers of light to pair both beauty and functionality. To create a feature using bathroom wall lighting, for example, you may want to have a pair of bathroom sconces either side of the mirror, for balanced styling and practicality. For a tranquil bathroom choose neutral toned, simple wall lighting or for a more fun and eye-catching look choose from our colourful bathroom wall lights. If you have a lower ceiling height in your bathroom, wall lights are ideal where bathroom pendant lighting may not be an option. Through our range of wall lighting, you can choose a variety of styles including: modern, classic and brass bathroom wall lights.

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Bathroom Wall Lights UK

As a dedicated lighting company, we have seen the benefits bathroom wall sconces can bring for homeowners and businesses from image portfolios and reviews. We have sold our wall lights to customers undertaking differing projects, including new builds, renovations, and home improvements. We have grown to become experts through our experience selling bathroom wall lighting to a wide range of consumers and tradespeople – ensuring you get the best lighting solution for your requirements.

One of the most important aspects to consider when buying bathroom wall lights in the UK is the legal requirements of bathroom zone ratings. Your electrician will advise you which zone the wall light fixture will sit within therefore, you may require bathroom sconces that are either IP42, IP44 or IP65 rated. Please see our help page for more detailed information.

What Bathroom Wall Lights Do I Need?

To decide what bathroom wall lighting is right for you, think about how you use your bathroom sanctuary. Do you linger in your luxurious bubble bath reading a novel or are you a morning shower - in and out – practical kind of person? If you use your bathroom just functionally, perhaps you need your bathroom wall sconces to give maximum light output. Use clear glass shades or exposed brighter LED bulbs for the ultimate light source. If the bathroom is your haven, perhaps you want to be able to have the wall lights for your bathroom on a dimmer switch. Choose a bathroom rated pendant light for your central light source, accompanied by soothing, atmospheric wall lights - buy white or ribbed glass shades for the best diffusion of light. Consider your finishes on your taps and towel rails, do you want to match your fitting finishes or contrast a shiny chrome with a deep bronze. Browse our extensive range of finishes for the perfect solution.

 What type of bathroom wall lights can I have?

There are a wide variety of bathroom wall lighting that come in a range of styles and designs at The Wall Lighting Company. If you’re looking for mid-century wall lighting fixtures, a brass bathroom wall light or chrome bathroom wall lights might be perfect for you. Meanwhile, gold bathroom wall lights are also great for a classic feel, whilst a black bathroom wall light is ideal for industrial-themed or urban-modern bathrooms.

What colour lighting is best for a bathroom?

Although the colour lighting for your bathroom is dependent on your own preferences, many traditional bathrooms wall lights simply have white lighting — how warm or cool the white is can be down to the ambience that you are trying to create for your bathroom. Warm white light tends to exude a more homely and cosy atmosphere – whereas cool white light is excellent for task lighting, such as a bathroom wall light with pull cord illuminating the sink area or vanity, for example.

What IP rating should bathroom wall lights have?

Bathroom wall lighting should have an IP rating of IP44 as a minimum. This means that the light fixtures can withstand water splashes of low velocity from any direction. This is ideal for placing lights in a bathroom as there is a high probability of water being splashed around. However, The Wall Lighting Company also supplies bathroom wall lights with an IP65 rating that is more effective at resisting water and other particles than IP44. These lights will be the better option if you wish to place wall lights near the shower or sink.

How energy efficient are bathroom wall lights?

With LED bathroom wall lights from The Wall Lighting Company, you can expect less energy consumption compared to standard fluorescent bathroom wall lighting. LEDs are not only affordable, but they are also long lasting, so you do not have to worry about replacing the bulb too often. If you choose LED light bulbs for your bathroom lighting fixtures, you can expect to save money on running costs.

 Can I install bathroom wall lights by myself?

Whilst you most certainly can, this may require knowledge and experience of installing electrical boxes, connecting wires, and running cables – especially if you are installing a new bathroom wall light rather than replacing an old one. As a result, it is best to contact a qualified electrician for the installation of your bathroom wall lights, particularly if you have never done this before.

How do I clean and maintain bathroom wall lights?

It is important to regularly dust over your bathroom wall lights so that they do not lose their appeal and brightness. You can carry out a light maintenance clean at least once a week or once a fortnight. Start with gently wiping over the surface of your wall lights with a damp cloth, preferably with a mild soap and water mixture, to remove any built-up dirt and grime. Don’t forget to have the lights switched off when you do this.

Where can I place wall lights in a bathroom?

Bathroom wall lights can be placed wherever you want in your bathroom – but, one pointer to note is to ensure that they are not too close to direct water contact.  A general rule of thumb is to have the top of the bathroom wall light at eye level. A switched bathroom wall light may be suitable beside the door to the bathroom, allowing instant illumination of the room. Similarly, you could place wall lights beside the bathroom mirror.

Is it safe to have bathroom wall lights?

Installing wall lights in your bathroom is safe as long as you make sure that they have the correct IP rating and are positioned in areas, or zones, that are safe for wall lighting. It is crucial that you have the appropriate IP rating for the zone that you would like to place the lighting fixture in. For instance, a zone above the sink or nearby the shower will typically require a rating of IP44. To be on the safe side, we recommend ensuring that any wall lights in your bathroom have this rating as a minimum.

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