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What is a pendant light?

A pendant light is a light fixture that hangs and is mounted from the ceiling, typically via a cord or metal rod. It may also be sometimes referred to as a ‘drop’ or ‘suspending’ light, and is one example of a hanging light. Pendant lights can be placed in almost any room of your home for a stylish and contemporary look. The Wall Lighting Company supplies a wide variety of bathroom pendant lighting that will surely appeal to your tastes and preferences.

Bathroom Hanging Lights

Whether you intend to use them for your business or residence, we provide bathroom pendant lights in a variety of colours, materials, and styles so you can find the right one to fit you. All of our bathroom hanging lights are dimmable, allowing you to create the same calming ambience that candlelight would while you relax in your bath. By dimming your bathroom pendant lights you can also protect your eyes from sudden harsh brightness in the early morning or night time.

Bathroom Safe Pendant Lights What

We ensure all our bathroom pendant lights are bathroom safe so there's no risk of any nasty shocks! Our bathroom pendant lighting IP44 rating is recommended as the minimum for bathrooms, as it ensures the electrical enclosure is inaccessible by water particles or anything else that would cause it to spark or break. We also have IP65 bathroom pendant lights for an even more water-resistant fitting.

You may wish to buy our matching bathroom wall lights which you can use to highlight your mirror, sink, and other bathroom surfaces

What is the difference between IP44 pendant lights and IP65 pendant lights?

The IP (Ingress Protection) rating indicates the effectiveness of electrical enclosures in resisting things such as moisture, liquids, and dust. Traditional bathroom pendant lights will typically have an IP rating of IP44, meaning that they can withstand splashes of water, but should not be exposed to direct water contact. Meanwhile, a rating of IP65 shows that these lights are partially waterproof, and more resistant to water than IP44.

How can you decorate a bathroom with pendant lights?

If you would like to create lighting effects to brighten your bathroom space, a switched bathroom pendant light is an excellent choice. You may want to consider positioning your pendant lighting centrally within your bathroom to act as ambient lighting, or beside a vanity table or mirror for task lighting. Either way, pendant lighting can be effectively used to illuminate an area, as some models also reflect light upwards.

Can you install pendant lights by yourself?

If you are familiar with replacing ceiling light fixtures and are knowledgeable about the wiring process, then it is not too complicated to install a pendant light by yourself. However, it is always better to be safe than sorry – so, if you are not confident with a DIY pendant lighting project, then it would be best to have an electrician install your new bathroom pendant light fixture for you.

What colour pendant lights can I get for a bathroom?

You can get a variety of pendant lights that come in a range of materials and designs. The Wall Lighting Company has a vast collection of different bathroom pendant lighting, including both chrome bathroom pendant lights and gold bathroom pendant lights. Whether you are going for an urban-modern aesthetic or a classic one, a black bathroom pendant light or a brass bathroom pendant light, you will surely find something that suits your needs at The Wall Lighting Company.

Are bathroom pendant lights energy efficient?

At The Wall Lighting Company, it is possible to purchase LED (Light Emitting Diode) bathroom pendant lights – LEDs are known to be the most efficient type of lighting technology on the market. LED lighting is not only energy efficient, they can also be budget-friendly, making them an excellent choice that is both environmentally-friendly and affordable.

Do you need to maintain and regularly care for bathroom pendant lights?

It may be worthwhile thoroughly dusting your bathroom pendant lights weekly, and cleaning them as often as you can – whether that is every 1-2 weeks or at least once a month. Dust and grime can build up over time, which could affect how effective your pendant lights shine. To clean, simply wipe the bulbs down, and then use a damp cloth to clean the pendant fixture itself. Please note that care and maintenance may be dependent on the type of pendant fixture that you have, so always double check manufacturers’ instructions.

When should you not install pendant lights in a bathroom?

As pendant lighting is reliant on its suspension to the ceiling, it is important that the room you wish to place your pendant lights in has a tall ceiling which allows the light to hang without being too close to the floor. A bathroom pendant light with a pull cord may be ideal for hanging over items such as the sink, but keep in mind that the fixture should not hang too low. Make sure to look at the dimensions of pendant lights before you purchase one.

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