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Up to the Task? How to choose the right size pendant light

How do you choose the right size fitting or shade when deciding which pendant light or wall light you need?

Nowadays, we seem to be so short of time that we just want to ‘get on with it’ and therefore we want to make sure we are choosing what you need first time round without having to send something back and revisit the task in hand.

If you are choosing a cluster ceiling light for a hallway or to light a large bathroom, you may well be deciding whether you need a 3 or a 5 drop pendant light.  And how do you know which?

Up to the Task? How to choose the right size pendant light

If you are choosing a pendant light for a relatively low ceiling, you will not be wanting anyone to knock their heads on the light, so you will be needing a flatter shade. Click on the following link for an example of our recommendation: Mono Prismatic Light

You may well be trying to fit a pendant light in a location where you need to consider the width of a light and therefore you need a slim pendant shade. See one of our ceiling lights from our Crambrook Collection: Brook Pendant Light

Alternatively, you may want a really large pendant light, an incredible statement piece, but you need to make sure that it fits!

One of the best ways of deciding is to make a cardboard template using the measurements on The Wall Lighting Company website.  You can cut out the size of the shade and hang them on a piece of string.  This will help you to understand the space that your pendant light will take up and then you will be able to make the best-informed decision.

As always, if you are still in doubt, please contact one of our expert team members on 01580 712805 and they will be happy to help. 

Good luck with choosing the right size lighting!

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