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Glass shade showdown: Clear Glass or Ribbed Glass Light Shades on your wall sconces or ceiling lights.

Believe it or not, the type of glass you choose can make or break the vibe of your space. The age-old debate: clear glass vs. ribbed glass is still ongoing. So grab a cup of your favourite brew, get cosy, and let's share our thoughts on each!

Clear Glass Light Shades:

Ah, the beauty of clear glass!  These shades are like the little black dress of the lighting world – always in style.  Unobstructed views of your light source, effortlessly blending in with modern or traditional interiors.

  1. Timeless Elegance: Clear glass light shades exude timeless elegance and simplicity; perfect for sophisticated wall lights or practical pendant lights. Their transparent nature creates a clean and classic aesthetic. Clear glass is versatile and complements various interior styles, making it a popular choice for both modern and traditional settings.
  2. Maximizing Light Output: Clear glass shades are the epitome of brightness, allowing light to pass through freely and illuminate the entire space. Perfect for areas where you need that bright, unfiltered light – think kitchens, bathrooms, or your home office.
  3. Easy Maintenance: Nobody’s got time for complicated cleaning routines. Clear glass is easy to maintain.  Stains and dust are there, waving at you, making the cleaning process a breeze.  Practical and low-maintenance – a win-win!

Ribbed Glass Light Shades:

Now, let's talk about these classic beauties – ribbed glass shades.  These glamorous shades introduce a touch of drama to your space.  

  1. Textured Sophistication: Ribbed glass light shades bring texture and visual interest to a space. The ribs or ridges on the glass create a play of light and shadow, adding depth and sophistication to the overall design. This textured look can enhance the ambiance of a room, making it suitable for areas where a more intricate aesthetic is desired.
  2. Diffused Lighting: Ribbed glass wall sconces and pendant lights emit a soft, dreamy glow. Ribbed glass scatters light in all directions, thanks to its textured surface.  This diffused lighting effect creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for snuggling up in your living room or enjoying a meal in the dining area.
  3. Concealing Imperfections: Life happens, and so do smudges, fingerprints, and minor imperfections. Ribbed glass to the rescue! The textured surface cleverly conceals those little mishaps, making it a practical choice for spaces that might not see a cleaning fairy too often.

The choice between clear glass and ribbed glass light shades for your wall light fittings and ceiling pendant lights is all about personal taste.  Clear glass brings elegance and brightness, ideal for spaces where simplicity is the name of the game.  On the flip side, ribbed glass adds texture, diffuses light, and hides the occasional fingerprint, creating a cosy and nuanced atmosphere.  Whether you're Team Clear or Team Ribbed, let your lighting choices shine bright in your home's design!

Here at The Wall Lighting Company, we have a huge range of clear glass wall lights and pendant ceiling lights.  Made here in the UK our glass lights in The Cranbrook Collection are a must-have.  With completely interchangeable glass and fittings you can build your perfect bespoke light and have matching lights for each room.  From small clear glass globes for wall lights to large fluted ribbed glass pendant light shades, we are sure to have the perfect lighting for you.

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