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How to Brighten a Dark or Windowless Bathroom

Are you struggling to create a bright, airy space in your windowless bathroom?  I’m here to help and share my favourite tips and tricks with you to illuminate your space and keep the aesthetic looking its best.

Gone are the days of boring bathroom lighting; we have the most beautiful bespoke bathroom lighting collection, boasting charm, sophistication, and elegance.  With our whole range being completely interchangeable you can choose from any of our UK-made fittings and glass shades, that are hand-blown locally to us, to create the perfect light for you.  Want to match your bathroom lights to the rest of your house with any of our Cranbrook Collection range?  Or use the same fitting with a different glass shade on each?  Easy work with The Wall Lighting Company’s exclusive range of bespoke lighting, for all and any areas of your home.

Let’s start with some ideas for smaller bathrooms so you can turn a once dim, cramped space into a bright, airy oasis.  With the right lighting, you can create an illusion of space and give your bathroom a warm ambiance.   Find out how below.

Wall sconces are the perfect option for a small bathroom.  These are subtle but attractive bathroom lighting options and provide good practical lighting.  I would recommend a clear glass wall light with a bright white G9 bulb to give you lots of light in those rooms where natural light is lacking.  Bathroom clear glass wall lights can be placed anywhere in your bathroom and will light the whole space.

If you want to place bathroom wall sconces on either side of your bathroom mirror you might want to consider ribbed glass bathroom wall lights.  The ribbed glass beautifully diffuses the light, reducing the glare in the mirror (which no one wants when putting their makeup on!).  The Camber Ribbed Bathroom Wall Light is a favourite IP-rated wall light of mine.  It is a beautiful bespoke lighting solution and is interchangeable with our whole range of fittings meaning you can choose from our whole range of fittings and finishes. 

The Louise Bathroom Wall Light is another beautiful bathroom light that fits those smaller bathrooms perfectly.  With the delicate ribbed glass surrounding the bulb, the light is diffused subtly around the whole room. 

Double wall lights mean double the light, a great option for dark bathrooms.   If one bulb isn’t enough, a double wall light is the way to go.  One above a mirror, or one on either side; you can’t go wrong.  For some inspiration, have a look at the pictures of the Clayton Bathroom Double Wall Light in situ to see how these beautiful wall lights have been used to light the way in our customer's bathrooms.

With wall lights for your bathroom, projection does need to be considered.  If you have a small space, a bathroom wall sconce that sticks out too far from the wall is at risk of getting in the way.  No one wants to have to dodge a wall light every time they go to the bathroom, that would certainly take away from the airy oasis we are trying to create!  

Although, if a shade does get broken by a failed attempt at dodging, our lights from The Cranbrook Collection are bespoke and interchangeable which means we can supply a replacement part for you, without you needing to replace the whole light.

Moving away from wall lighting, flush ceiling lights would be an effective lighting option for those snug bathrooms.  Practical yet pretty, you can light up your whole room from above and still make a statement.  The Cherith Bathroom Flush Ceiling Light is the perfect example of this, our go-to bathroom ceiling light.  Paired with a bright bulb as recommended on our website, your bathroom will be brilliantly bright in no time. 

Table lamp in your bathroom?  We love it, and you will too when you see our collection of rechargeable table lamps that are IP-rated for bathroom use.  Practical, portable, and pleasing to look at; we believe these cordless lamps are the future of lighting.  If the wall or pendant lighting you have in your bathroom is not quite hitting the spot, try adding a Poldina Table Lamp into the mix and watch your space transform.

How to Brighten a Dark or Windowless Bathroom

So, that’s small bathroom lighting ideas sorted, let's tackle the bigger bathrooms and their lighting needs.

Pendant lights for bathrooms are a new, but amazing, addition to the world of lighting and add a real sense of WOW factor to big, beautiful bathrooms (well The Wall Lighting Company’s bespoke bathroom pendant lights do).  Hanging a glass pendant light in your bathroom will give you a great source of light that will be carried across your room.  Clear glass will give you the most light as, of course, it is clear. 

If you are not a fan of clear glass, ribbed glass shades add a real sense of sophistication and glamour.  Our ribbed glass shades diffuse the light of the bulb spectacularly and lessen any glare from the LED bulb. 

If your bathroom is spacious, I would recommend pairing your bathroom pendant ceiling light with a matching pair of bathroom wall sconces, from The Cranbrook Collection of course.  You could even go one step further and create a real showstopper with a pair of bathroom pendant lights evenly spaced across your room or a cluster light.  This will brighten the darkest of windowless bathrooms.

Bulbs are also key in the saga of bathroom lighting.  To keep it simple, the brighter the bulb the brighter the light you get.  With this in mind, I would recommend a bright white LED bulb in a dark, windowless bathroom. For more on bathroom bulbs check out our blog on bulbs here. https://www.thewalllightingcompany.co.uk/blog/light-bulbs

I don’t know about you, but I feel when choosing bathroom lighting I can either have warm ambient lighting or bright white practical lighting, but how wrong we are.  If you want a bright room with a warm feel, pairing Ceramic bathroom wall lights with a sophisticated glass pendant light will give you that exact contrast. 

This combination could also be done the other way around with a statement ceramic ceiling light glowing from above with bright glass wall lights positioned on either side of your mirror to give you the perfect cosy but practical lighting.

Or if you want the ultimate ambiance, go for a matching ceramic ceiling pendant light and wall light combination.  However, do take into consideration that you get slightly less light from a ceramic shade in comparison to a glass light shade, so you would need more lights to illuminate your larger bathroom.  The more the merrier though, right?

Top tip:  I would stay away from wall lights that only offer up or down light.  These kinds of lighting fixtures offer a ‘spotlight’ effect; whilst they do provide great light directly below or above where they are positioned, they are not the most effective Bathroom Wall Light to illuminate your entire bathroom.

I hope this has given you some insight into the world of bathroom lighting and has helped you to choose the perfect lighting for your windowless bathroom. 

As always please do give us a call on 01580 712805 if you have any questions, we are always happy to help.

The Wall Lighting Company make bespoke, high-quality British lights, get yours now: https://www.thewalllightingcompany.co.uk/

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