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Hallway Lighting Ideas: The Perfect Lighting For Any Hallway

Hallways tend to be the first seen part of your home; and we all know how important first impressions are. 

Whether it’s the postman dropping of your latest the Wall Lighting Company parcel, your family come over at Christmas for far too much food or your kids’ friends parents coming to collect them after the play date, your hallway lighting will be seen, whether it is a Wall Light with a Switch or Statement Pendant Lights lets make it wow.

Different interior lighting suits different areas so each home will have its own perfect lighting solution.  In need of some inspiration?  Look no further, lets go through some ideas of how to illuminate your hallway.

Fit a Chandelier light

The perfect chandelier will give your entrance the wow factor your after and will be sure to leave a lasting impression.  Lighting chandeliers in your home are the equivalent to putting on some statement jewellery before you go out, elevating the whole look.  Depending on your space we have a few options but I would absolutely recommend the Mud Studio Chandelier for big grand entrances.  Your hall is slightly smaller? No problem.  The Athena is the PERFECT hallway chandelier; its glamorous, eye catching and most importantly, bright.

Hang a Pendant Light, or two

Hallway Pendant Lighting is becoming more and more popular, and we can see why.  The entrance of your home needs to be a well-lit room with a welcoming feeling from the second you walk in the door.  Glass Pendant Lights are an amazing option for hallways and entranceways.  Simple but statement lighting pieces you can add one or two to your hallway without being too much but still giving the eye catching look you are after.

Glass shades also give you multiple options within the same shade; for example, our Soho Pendant Lighting Range can be in clear glass with a standard LED Squirrel Cage Bulb for a sophisticated lighting option.  If you are wanting something more decorative, a Spiral Filament Bulb can be added to give that extra special look.  Another option would be Ribbed Glass Shade to give you that hotel look.  Ribbed glass shades beautifully diffuse the light given from the bulb and create a beautiful pattern when struck by natural lighting.

Cluster Ceiling Lighting

If single pendant lighting alone is not giving you quite enough and a chandelier is too much, a great option would be a cluster pendant light.  Naturally, having multiple lights from the one fitting gives you more light which is the perfect lighting solution for hallways with limited natural lighting.  If you have the space, be bold and go for a cluster ceiling light, to create a dramatic statement light. Take advantage of high ceilings and experiment with lighting designs that have varied drops, as they will add interest at different levels, as well as bringing upstairs and downstairs together.

Add a touch of colour

If your home is full of colour, your hallway lighting should be no exception.  Using a Coloured Light Shade or light fitting in your hall to match the adjoining rooms is the perfect way to tie your home together and welcome a burst of zing to your entrance.  A unique wall light or pendant light will really set your home apart from the others.

Light up your space with wall lights

Wall Lights are a great way to add some additional light to your hallway and create a cosy feel to the space.  Fabric Shaded Wall Sconces will give your cottage a warm, homely feel whist a Glass Wall Light will ooze sophistication and glamour.  In narrower spaces, you will need to be mindful of the projection of the wall light, no one wants to bump into a light every time they wall down the hall.  Our Elbow Wall Light with hand blown glass shades (and made entirely in the UK!) is the perfect lighting option for narrow hallways as they are close to the wall and have a much shorter projection then most.  If you have a wider space our Swan Neck Wall Lights are a stunning option.  Add a switch to our wall lights so you can pick and chose what lights you have on at any time. As our range is completely interchangeable you can pick your perfect wall light and grab yourself a matching pendant light; yes it really is that easy

Add some warmth with Table Lamps

If wall lighting is not to your taste but you need some depth to your lighting; adding a table lamp is a great option.  For those times when the big light is too much popping on a table lamp gives you the warmth needed to chill out and relax.  A sweet little table lamp also serves as a decorative piece on your sideboard, two birds with one stone!  Shop our range of table lamps here to complete your perfect hallway.   Our most popular table light at the moment is the rechargeable Pina Pro Table lamp. It is amazing that this light can be carried anywhere inside or out, and it is even water resistant.  Charging these lamps is easy and the charge can last up to 6 hours. The Poldina Pro Table Lamp from this range is also a current best seller.  Choose from a great range of colours to match you hallway aesthetic. 


  • If you have a long hallway hang pendant lights at either end to showcase the beautiful, elongated space.
  • Wall lights are the perfect option for shorter spaces as they help to draw the eye upwards creating the illusion of higher ceilings.
  • Hallways are practical spaces, and so should the lighting be, make sure you have a bright LED bulb if you lack natural lighting, or multiple pendants. You need to be able to get your shoes on and find your keys, you need light for that and don’t forget: a space you can’t see won’t wow anyone!
  • Warm lighting will make your home feel more welcoming.
  • It’s your home, your choice. Don’t let current interior fashion trends tear you away from what you love, trends change after a week anyway!  Go for what you love in your home.
  • Get your lights from The Wall Lighting Company, we offer the best range lighting for your hallway, and the rest of your home.

With our completely interchangeable range of glass, fittings and backplates, you can match your hallway lighting to the rest of your home with our full range perfect for every room.

We hope this has been helpful and given you some ideas to illuminate your entrance.  As always please do give us a call on 01580 712805 if you have any questions, we are always happy to help.

The Wall Lighting Company make bespoke, high quality British lights, get yours now: https://www.thewalllightingcompany.co.uk/

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