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Our Inside Trick: How to Choose the Right Lighting for your Home

Choosing the best lighting for your home is a very exciting task! It’s no different than moving into your first property and getting to decorate your new space with all your favorite preferences. Deciding on the right lighting that suits your taste and style can make such a difference to your environment. Although selecting the right lighting can seem overwhelming, the Wall Lighting Company are here to help you make the right choice for your home.

We have a fantastic range of outdoor and indoor wall and pendant lighting from countries all over the world. Not only that, but we ourselves are pioneers in the realm of wall and pendant lights; we have our own bespoke lighting known as the Cranbrook Collection. All our lights are hand crafted here in the UK and adapted to suit your needs.

Our Inside Trick: How to Choose the Right Lighting for your Home

To help you decide which lighting should go where, it is helpful to divide your locations into 3 priorities.

The most important and frequently used rooms in your home should have top quality, distinctive lighting or even statement lighting. For example, your front door is a Priority 1 area, So, you might choose to have a more visually appealing wall light than a light placed at your back door, which would be a Priority 2 area.

A kitchen is the hub of a home, a Priority 1 area, so make it stand out with the right lighting choices. We recommend displaying three pendant lights above your Kitchen Island. If you’re eager to catch your guest’s eye, this pendant choice will certainly be a conversation piece.

The bathroom, a Priority 2 area, could benefit from wall mounted light fixtures either side of your vanity mirror. A personal favorite of ours would be a bathroom pendant light placed on a high ceiling.

When it comes to lighting up your spare room, a Priority 3 area, you might consider a lesser lighting option than your own bedroom. Be sure to offer a warm-lit room for your guests with a more subtle alternative.

Using this method of deciding what lighting goes where will help you prioritize your lighting requirements.

If you need any assistance, please contact any of our staff who are there to help you 9-5, 5 days a week on 01580 712805 or 07512 698968.

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