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How to clean your lights. Get our top tips here to give your light the perfect sparkle

From Glass Pendant Lights to Fabric Wall Lights, and Outdoor Festoon Lighting, we have it all, and I must say, our lights are very low maintenance. They do their job of lighting up your room and sit looking pretty when they are off shift.  The perfect wall decoration.

Like all things great they do need a little TLC every now and again.  Find out how to keep your unique lights happy and looking their best, with our guide to cleaning your lights…

Of course, the safety of our customer and your lights is a top priority, here’s how to keep safe when cleaning your lights:

  • You must turn off your light before you begin, this is really important.
  • Make sure your bulbs have cooled down if you have had them turned on.
  • Do not spray any liquids being used to clean your lights onto the fitting. Spray the cloth instead and then wipe the light.
  • The components of your lights must be fully dry before you put them back together and turn the light on.

How to clean your lights:

Light Bulbs - Gently dust with a feather duster or a dry cloth. Do not use water or cleaning solutions.  A dirty LED bulb can be up to 30% less efficient so it’s important to keep these clean.

Ceramic shades - Clean with a dry lint free cloth or a feather duster.  Gently wipe over the shade to remove any dust that has hitchhiked onto your light.

Chandeliers - Dust gently and regularly with a feather duster.  If you are wanting to give your light fixture a deep clean you can also use a lint free cloth and water with a small amount of washing up liquid.  This will really bring your light back to life.  We would advise wiping over this with a dry cloth after, if you leave the ceiling chandelier damp any dust will stick like there is no tomorrow.

Fabric shades - Clean with the upholstery attachment of a vacuum cleaner on low power, or wipe with a soft brush.  Avoid using water on your fabric shades as water damage could occur.  Make sure your hands are clean before handling the shade.

Glass light shades - Use a feather duster or a dry microfibre cloth to wipe clean.   You can also use glass cleaner with a cloth if your glass pendant light shade or glass wall sconce is really grubby but watch out for those streak marks.  To avoid leaving fingerprints, which we really recommend, you may wish to use cotton gloves while handling the glass. 

Metal Lampshade and Wall Light Fittings - Simply wipe the metal wall light with a dry cloth or a feather duster. Do not polish with chemical products as this could damage the finish.  Always check the care instructions beforehand, however if you need something more then a dry cloth you can use water and washing up liquid. 

Some lights naturally need more cleaning than others, depending on where they are placed.  For example, a Kitchen Pendant Light would likely need more cleaning than a Hallway Ceiling Pendant Light.  There is no guide for how often you should clean your lights, it is clear when they need a clean.  I guarantee you will spot that it needs a clean at the most inconvenient time, typical!  The good news is cleaning is simple for our Wall Sconces and Ceiling Pendant Lights, even more reason to pop onto our website and grab one for yourself. 

As always, if you have any questions about the cleaning of your lights, or anything lighting related please do give us a call on 01580 712805 and we would be more than happy to help.

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