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How to Shed some Light on your Garden

With the summer upon us, we are all spending more time in our gardens – I know I certainly am! I love sitting outside, cosying up with a good book and a glass of pinot. Before I dive into the world of literature, I take time admiring my beautiful plants and carefully selected furniture I bought for my vibrant and colourful garden.

Before I bought outdoor lighting, the sun would go down and I wouldn’t enjoy my garden until the next morning. Once I lit up my outdoor space, the sun would set and the extension of my home felt welcoming and there were no more dark shadows. My garden was well lit and had a relaxing homely feel to it. I could continue to read my book and drink my wine in peace and tranquil.

If you are after this ambience, then take my advice on these hot tips for creating the perfect atmosphere for your garden.

How to Shed some Light on your Garden

Image credited to @lorainescottage

Festoon Poles and Festoon Lights

My first highly recommended item for your garden is festoon poles. These stunning vertical structures are designed to support and display festoon lights or string lights. They are typically used outdoors, but can be used at outdoor events, parties and weddings. These fabulous poles can create a festive and magical atmosphere to your surroundings. We are currently offering a 5% discount on the festoon poles and a 25% discount on the festoon linear lights. Click on the links to get yours now!

Poldina Pro / Micro

My second top recommendation is the Poldina Pro and Poldina Micro. These marvellous portable and rechargeable lights can be taken anywhere. The are lightweight, available in all different colours and can last up to 8 hours. I spotted some of these in restaurants around Venice, the Italians love their Poldina’s! They are simply perfect for outdoor spaces. We are currently offering 10% discount on the Red Poldina Pro, Blue Poldina Micro, and a selection of our Poldina Lido Portable Ceramic Table Lamps.

The Chelsea Wall Light

Depending on the style of your home, the Chelsea Wall Light has a lot of luxury to offer for a Georgian or Victorian style home. Named after the Chelsea neighbourhood in London, this wall sconce is a sophisticated wall-mounted light fixture that oozes elegance and class. If you are looking for wall lights that are stylish and luxurious then look no further than this absolute beauty.


Belgrave Wall Lights

Our Belgrave outdoor light fixtures feature a traditional and vintage inspired design. If you’re looking for something rustic for your pastoral garden surrounded by countryside, then consider these lovely lanterns as part of your outdoor décor.  The Belgrave outdoor lights create a warm and inviting glow adding a touch of charm and character to your outdoor space. We are currently offer up to 15% on our Belgrave Lanterns.

Thames Outdoor Spotlight

Make your plants shine with the Thames Outdoor Spotlight, these wall light fixtures have a stylish and urban feel featuring a sleek and contemporary design. If you are after some lights that are a little more subtle but still packs a punch in lighting up your favourite spaces, then you have found your winner with these little charmers.

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