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Simple ways to bring Summer into your home

You may be gazing around your home wondering how you can season it up with some summer love. If you’re eager to bring a touch of sunshine and a splash of colour, then look no further as we have the perfect lighting choices that can transform your surroundings. Whether you’re after coastal vibes, a traditional country home, or even a Mediterranean feel to your home space, we have wall and pendant lighting covered.

Simple ways to bring Summer into your home

The Countryside Home

Sycamore Wall Lights

These pretty little wall lights are a summery touch to your home, representing a handprinted sycamore leaf, these beauties would look ideal in a countryside home setting and perfect for bedroom wall lighting. The Sycamore wall sconce is equipped with a beautiful linen shade, featuring a gorgeous brass swan neck. These wall lights come in either pink or green and we offer different finishes including antique brass, nickel, bronze or polished brass.

Finberry Wall Lights

Our Finberry Wall Lights are featured in the Cranbrook Collection, depending on your tastes there’s something for everybody. Personally, I love the Finberry cream silk lamp shade with a nickel finish. These gorgeous interior wall lights would look stunning in a traditional English country home but would be nicely placed in a modern and contemporary space.

The Camber Amber

This amber glass pendant light will give a warm glow in a cosy home setting. This ceiling light is a unique colour and makes a statement with its bold shade, vibrant finish and modern design. We have a selection of different coloured camber shades which would look very stylish as cluster pendant lights or three pendants in a row above a kitchen island.

The Boho Home

Woven Pendant Lights

These luscious wicker basket pendant lights are a fantastic way to give a splash of colour to your living room. If you are looking for a bohemian atmosphere, then we would highly recommend these gorgeous, handcrafted pendants. These ceiling lights feature intricate weaving patterns and add a touch of artistry and creativity to your home, making these pendants a popular choice for those seeking a unique and eye-catching accessory. We are currently offering 20% discount on our woven pendant lights.

Beaded Teardrop

The Beaded Teardrop hanging light is truly a fabulous embellishment for anyone’s home. These pendant lights are a popular choice for its versatility as it can be both delicate and statement making. Hanging lights are perfect for the hallway or high ceiling, this pendant light is a timeless and fashionable fixture.

Rattan Natural Lighting

Our Rattan Natural Lighting range including Wahad and Joosh, are natural crochet pendant lights. They are beautifully handmade ceiling lights, perfect for your bedroom and personal sanctuary. The sculptural shape of these unique shades is inspired by objects used in daily Moroccan life, like tagines, baskets, and pots. Incorporating the use of bold colours that you see throughout the markets in Marrakesh. The pendant lights would create a stunning cluster pendant lighting display above the dining table or simply pop in a cosy corner of the summer house for those late nights spent in the garden.

Coastal Home Style

Hadlow Shell Wall Lights

The picturesque Hadlow Shell Wall Light made of solid brass can be used to enhance a particular feature or piece of artwork with its fully adjustable arm. The shell light wall sconces are a wonderful art deco style piece with a coastal vibe. We highly recommend using these shell lights as picture lights to highlight special works of art or lined along a hallway, these wall fixtures are vintage yet stylish and practical.

Olive Tree Wall Light & Table Lamp

The Olive Tree comes as a wall fixture and table light if you are looking for a Mediterranean feel to you home. This unusual light is handmade in France by the lovely Villa Alys using the lost wax technique, a unique process which gives this sculpture it’s very distinctive and statement piece look.

Salcombe Green Table Light

The Salcombe Green glass table lamp is cordless and features in a sand colour. Perfect for a coastal home, this shell shaped table light has a translucent exterior. The green has a particularly natural and earthy feel, which would also suit a wide range of design themes.

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