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The Perks of Poldinas: How useful are rechargeable table lamps?

The Perks of Poldinas: How useful are rechargeable table lamps?

The short answer is very, but wheres the fun in that. Lets delve into the wonderful world of these rechargeable, portable beauties.

Everyone loves a lamp, whether its to set the mood, brighten the room without having to use the centre light, or to leave on for your other half when they stumble home late after going for a pint with the boys, or having a glass of Pinot with the girls.  Lamps are great, but that pesky wire keeping them prisoner to a 1m radius from the socket can really hold them back, literally!

The Poldina lamps have revolutionised lamp lighting and given them the freedom they deserve.  Whats so great about this rechargeable lamp you may ask?  What can you do with these that you cannot do with other table lamps? Well, hold on to your hats, we are going in.

No room for a designated reading area? No problem!

Theres nothing better than getting stuck into your favourite book but dedicating an area for this in your home isnt always an option.  With a Poldina by your side this is no longer an issue.  All you have to do is pick up your lamp and pop it in your chosen reading area for the day and voilà you have secured yourself up 12 hours of well-lit reading time.  Even longer if you have taken your charging base with you!

The perfect travel companion

Poldina lamps are not only stylish, but practical too.  These little guys are the perfect companion for evenings in the garden, or a trip to the beach; the sky is the limit.  This range is IP65 rated meaning they can be used outside, even if the weather is not on your side.  A little rain never hurt anyone!

Romance without the candles!

Small but mighty they are the perfect light to bring along to date night.  Imagine this, Poldina on the dining table, glass of wine in hand, bowl of pasta served and just like that date night is ready to go.  Adjust the light to fit the mood by dimming the brightness of the LED bulb with a simple touch to the lamp itself.

Sleeping beauties

Getting ready for work on a Saturday morning whilst the rest of the house are sleeping, we have all been there.  Its a nightmare…trying to find your clothes, let the dog out, do your face with your phone torch it is just not practical; and lets not mention going to the toilet in the dark to avoid turning the extractor fan on.  This will be a thing of the past as soon as you welcome a Poldina into your home.  With enough light to see you through the getting ready stage and an option to choose the brightness, starting your day without waking up the whole house has never been easier.  

I dont know if you can tell but here at The Wall Lighting Company, we love these LED lamps.  Finding a mix of stylish and practical lighting isnt the easiest but these make it so simple.  With a range of colours and sizes sure to fit any home and setting you cannot go wrong with a Poldina pro, Micro or Pina.

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