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Outdoor Wall Lights

Vintage is a very popular style right now and its not limited to clothing; our vintage outdoor wall lights would be a trendy and practical addition to any home, efficiently lighting your exterior spaces while looking gorgeous and fashionable. Available at great prices, we offer free UK delivery on orders worth £100 or more.

To Suit Rooms

Vintage Outside Wall Lights

We have a range of different vintage outside wall lights which take elements of different eras to create an old fashioned yet trendy vibe. These lights are also great for deterring intruders, especially if paired with motion sensors which will automatically turn the lights on if they detect movement. Plus, vintage outdoor wall lights at the front of the house will certainly prove very useful on cold winter evenings when you are trying to find your keys. You will want to get inside quickly, and being able to see what you are doing will certainly help with that!

Vintage Exterior Wall Lights

Quick and easy to install, our vintage exterior wall lights can turn an unwelcoming property into an inviting one with their warm, dimmable glow and gorgeous shapes. Vintage outdoor wall lights should be the go-to for period homes, and we have wall lights emulating the traditional sconce style of wall lighting from as early as the 17th century. These vintage lights are also a very popular look for outdoor areas of trendy bars and coffee shops, especially when paired with our vintage outdoor pendant lights.

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