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Extra Large
Pendant Lights

Our extra large pendant lights are certain to make an impact. Whether you want a clay bead chandelier or a huge glass sphere, we’re sure to have something to compliment your sense of style and your home’s interior design.

To Suit Rooms
£0 £2600

Lenham Extra Large Clear Globe Classic Pendant


    Lenham XXL Clear Globe Classic Pendant


      Classic Extra Large Tapered Clear Glass Pendant Light


        Mud Studio White Beaded Chandelier


            Large Luna Wooden Beaded Chandelier Pendant Light


                Unique Coloured Glass Cluster Pendant Ceiling Light


                  Mono 40cm Industrial Prismatic Glass Railway Pendant


                    Loki Two Tiered Oval Chandelier in Brass With Glass Rods


                        Artemis Brass and Glass Rodded Large Chandelier Pendant


                            Giant Stella Clear Glass Pendant Light


                                Unique Scandi Wicker Round Pendant Light - Large


                                Wyse XL Industrial Coloured Pendant Light


                                    Original 1227 Giant Brass Pendant


                                      Romeo Classic Glass Globe Beaded Chandelier


                                          Scandi Natural Woven Rattan Pendant Light - Cylinder - Large


                                              Extra large pendants

                                              If you have a spacious hall, corridor, or a spiral staircase that looks a bit empty, one of our extra large pendants is sure to become a stunning decorative centrepiece. These extra large pendants are perfect for buildings with high ceilings where smaller lights would go unnoticed or look comically undersized.

                                              Huge Pendant Lights

                                              These huge pendant lights come in various different styles and finishes. We have modern glass rodded and brass pendants such as the Loki and the Artemis to emphasise a contemporary and elegant theme with a nod to the art deco movement, and traditional beaded chandeliers such as the Luna for a classic and sophisticated look.

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